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Download Animal Anecdote EBook

Download a copy of the Animal Anecdote EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Animal Anecdote EBook

The Newfoundland Dog
A Faithful Companion
A False Alarm
Sagacious Bruin
A Strange Mouser
Making Sure
The Power Of Music
A Conversing Parrot
The Heroism Of A Hen
The Cat And Crows
Filial Duty
The Dinner Bell
A Singular Interposition
Odd Fraternity
Canine Smugglers
A Canine Sheep-stealer
The Dog And Goose
Sabinus And His Dog
Wrens Learning To Sing
The Dog Of Montargis
The Bear And Child
The Dolphin
The Death Of Antiochus Revenged
Mice As Navigators
A Calculating Crow
Porus Saved By His Elephant
Drawing Water
The Broken Heart
A Comedy Of Quadrupeds
Cunning As A Fox
More Faithful Than Favoured
Elephant Rope Dancing
A Providential Safe Conduct
A Generous Revenge
Are Beasts Mere Machines?
Long Lost Found Again
Ostrich Riding
A Choice Retaliation
The Horse And Greyhound
The Goat
A Mother Watching Her Young
Concerts Of Animals
The Watch Dog
A Shrewd Guesser
A Tame Colony
An Usurper Punished
The Rights Of Hospitality
A Grateful Lioness
A Good Finder
Musical Seals
A Sly Couple
A Sense Of Ridicule
The Tame Sea-gull
Maternal Affection
The Pig Pointer
Infant Fascination
A Domesticated Seal
Strange Rooks
A Singular Foster-mother
The Shepherd's Dog
Going To Market
The Lion And His Keeper
Immovable Fidelity
Tame Hares
A Grateful Return
Assisting The Aged
Oyster Opening
Sonnini And His Cat
Division Of Labour
Crab Fishing
Rare Honesty
Of Two Evils Choosing The Least
Snake Destroyers
Monkey Versus Snake
Musical Mice
Soliciting Succour
A Charitable Canary
A Carrier's Dog
Humane Society
Fox Chasing
Escape Of Jengis Khan
A Refugee Squirrel
A Newsman Extraordinary
The Bear Cubs
Noble Perseverance
The Catcher Caught
Deceiving The Fowler
Old Habits
A Philosophic Cat
An Ass Cast Away
Honours Paid To Living And Departed Worth
A Child Saved



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