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Download a copy of the Animal Stories EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Animal Stories EBook

The House In The Water
The White-slashed Bull
When The Blueberries Are Ripe
The Glutton Of The Great Snow
When The Truce Of The Wild Is Done
The Window In The Shack
The Return Of The Moose
From The Teeth Of The Tide
The Fight At The Wallow
Sonny And The Kid
The Summons Of The North
The Last Barrier
Answerers To The Call
The Prisoners Of The Pitcher-plant
The Prowlers
A Stranger To The Wild
When The Logs Come Down
A Duel In The Deep
The Little Tyrant Of The Burrows
The Ringwaak Buck
The Heron In The Reeds
In The Deep Of The Silences
On The Night Trail
When The Tide Came Over The Marshes
Under The Ice-roof
The Terror Of The Air
In The Unknown Dark
The Terror Of The Sea Caves
The Point Of View
A Little Brother To The Bear
Whitooweek The Hermit
A Woodcock Genius
When Upweekis Goes Hunting
K'dunk The Fat One
Mooween's Den
Kingfisher's Kindergarten
Pekompf's Cunning
Animal Surgery
Hunting Without A Gun



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