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Download a copy of the Baseball Poems EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Baseball Poems EBook

John Bourbon Pitcher
Sunday Baseball
The Big League
The Ballad Of The Minor Leaguer
Ballade Of A Substitute
Casey On A Bat
The Pitcher's Soliloquy
Blessed Be Baseball
Raymond's Ride
Four Conversations
Inside Baseball
The Difference
Cricket And Baseball
The League Of Long Ago
The Longest Hit On Record
The Umpire's Home
The Umpire
Choosing Sides
Ode To A Georgia Gent
Life And Baseball
What Happened To Hilo
I Was With Clarke
Home Folks
The Outfielder's Dream
The Law Of Averages
A Converted Rooter
To The Lady Bugs
Polo In Arizona
The Laddies' League
The $11000 Beauty
The Lay Of The New York Fan
The Old Rooter



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