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Download a copy of the Baseball Rules EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Baseball Rules EBook

An Inquiry Into The Origin Of Base-ball With A Brief Sketch Of Its History
Theory Op The Game A Chapter For The Ladies
The Pitcher
Fielding The Position
The Catcher
The First Baseman
The Second Baseman
The Third Baseman
The Short-stop
The Left-fielder
The Centre Fielder
The Right Fielder
The Batter
The Base-runner
Curve Pitching
The Most Dangerous Batters I Have Met
Take Him Out
Pitching In A Pinch
Big League Pitchers And Their Peculiarities
Playing The Game From The Bench
Coaching Good And Bad
Honest And Dishonest Sign Stealing
Umpires And Close Decisions
The Game That Cost A Pennant
When The Teams Are In Spring Training
Jinxes And What They Mean To A Ball-player
Base Runners And How They Help A Pitcher To Win
Notable Instances Where The Inside Game Has Failed



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