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Bee Keeping EBook

Three Kinds Of Bees
Queen Described
Description And Duty Of Workers
Description Of Drones
Most Brood In Spring
Their Industry
Hives To Be Thoroughly Made
Different Opinions About Them
The Author Has No Patent To Recommend
Speculators Supported Long Enough
Prefix Of Patent A Bad Recommendation
Ignorance Of Officers And Committees
Opposition To Simplicity
By Gaining One Point Produce Another Evil
First Delusion
Chamber Hive
Mrs Griffith's Hive
Weeks' Improvement
Inclined Bottom-boards Do Not Throw Out All The Worms
Objections To Suspended Hives
See Bees Often
Hall's Patent
Jones' Patent
An Experiment
Reasons Of Failure In Dividing Hives
Cause Of Starving In Such Hives
Advantages Of The Changeable Hive Considered
Variation Of These Hives
Expense In Constructing Changeable Hives
Surplus Honey Will Contain Bee-bread
Description Of Cutting's Changeable Hive
First Objection Cost Of Construction
Hives Can Be Made With Less Expense
Old Breeding Cells Will Last A Long Time
Cells Larger Than Necessary At First
Expense Of Renewing Combs
Best To Use Old Combs As Long As They Will Answer
Method For Pruning When Necessary
Use Of Tobacco Smoke
Further Objections To A Sectional Hive
Contrast Of Profit
Principle Of Swarming Not Understood
Not To Be Depended Upon
Hives Not Always Full Before Swarming
Size Of Hives Needed
An Experiment 2
Bees Do Not Increase If Full After The First Year In Same Hive
Gillmore's System Doubted
Utility Of Moth-proof Hives Doubted
Instincts Of The Bee Always The Same
Profit The Object
Common Hive Recommended
Size Important
Small Hives More Liable To Accidents
Apt To Deceive
Unprofitable If Too Large
Correct Size Between Two Extremes
Size For Warm Latitudes
Larger Hive More Safe For Long Winters Or Backward Spring
2000 Inches Safe For This Section
Kind Of Wood Width Of Board Etc
Shape Of No Consequence
Directions For Making Hives
Size Of Cap And Boxes
Miner's Hive
Directions For Making Holes
A Suggestion
Glass Boxes Preferred
Glass Boxes How To Make
Guide-combs Necessary
Wood Boxes
Cover For Hives
Jars And Tumblers How Prepared
Perfect Observatory Hive Described
One Like Common Hive Preferred
What May Be Seen
Directions For Making Glass Hive
Imperfectly Understood
Good Stock Seldom Without Brood
How Small Stocks Commence
Different With Larger Ones
How Pollen Is Stored In The Breeding Season
Operation Of Laying And The Eggs Described
Time From The Egg To The Perfect Bee
Rough Treatment Of The Young Bee
Guess Work
Terms Applied To Young Bees
Discrepancy In Time In Rearing Brood As Given By Huber
The Number Of Eggs Deposited By The Queen Guessed At
A Test For The Presence Of A Queen
When Drones Are Reared
When Queens Are Reared
Liability Of Being Destroyed
Drones Destroyed When Honey Is Scarce
Old Queen Leaves With The First Swarm
A Young Queen Takes The Place Of Her Mother In The Old Stock
Other Theories
Subject Not Understood
Necessity For Further Observation



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