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Download a copy of the Bible Myths EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Bible Myths EBook

The Creation And Fall Of Man
The Deluge
The Tower Of Babel
The Trial Of Abraham's Faith
Jacob's Vision Of The Ladder
The Exodus From Egypt And Passage Through The Red Sea
Receiving The Ten Commandments
Samson And His Exploits
Jonah Swallowed By A Big Fish
Conclusion Of Part First
The Miraculous Birth Of Christ Jesus
The Star Of Bethlehem
The Song Of The Heavenly Host
The Divine Child Recognized And Presented With Gifts
The Birth-place Of Christ Jesus
The Genealogy Of Christ Jesus
The Slaughter Of The Innocents
The Temptation And Fast Of Forty Days
The Crucifixion Of Christ Jesus
The Darkness At The Crucifixion
He Descended Into Hell
The Resurrection And Ascension Of Christ Jesus
The Second Coming Of Christ Jesus And The Millennium
Christ Jesus As Judge Of The Dead
Christ Jesus As Creator And Alpha And Omega
The Miracles Of Christ Jesus And The Primitive Christians
Christ Crishna And Christ Jesus Compared
Christ Buddha And Christ Jesus Compared
The Eucharist Or Lord's Supper
The Worship Of The Virgin Mother
Christian Symbols
The Birth-day Of Christ Jesus
The Trinity
Paganism In Christianity
Why Christianity Prospered
The Antiquity Of Pagan Religions



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