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Buddha Gospel EBook

Samsara And Nirvana
Truth The Saviour
The Bodhisatta's Birth
The Ties Of Life
The Three Woes
The Bodhisatta's Renunciation
King Bimbisara
The Bodhisatta's Search
Uruvela The Place Of Mortification
Mara The Evil One
The First Converts
Brahmas Request
The Sermon At Benares
The Sangha
Yasa The Youth Of Benares
The Sermon At Rajagaha
The King's Gift
Sariputta And Moggallana
The Sermon On Charity
The Three Characteristics And The Uncreate
The Buddha's Father
Jivaka The Physician
The Buddha's Parents Attain Nirvana
Women Admitted To The Sangha
The Bhikkhus' Conduct Toward Women
The Uposatha And Patimokkha
The Schism
The Re-establishment Of Concord
The Bhikkhus Rebuked
Name And Form
The Goal
Miracles Forbidden
The Vanity Of Worldliness
Secrecy And Publicity
The Annihilation Of Suffering
Avoiding The Ten Evils
The Preacher's Mission
The Dhammapada
The Two Brahmans
Guard The Six Quarters
Simha's Question Concerning Annihilation
All Existence Is Spiritual
Identity And Non-identity
The Buddha Omnipresent
One Essence One Law One Aim
The Lesson Given To Rahula
The Sermon On Abuse
The Buddha Replies To The Deva
Words Of Instruction
The Teacher Unknown
The Widow's Two Mites And The Parable Of The Three Merchants
The Man Born Blind
The Lost Son
The Giddy Fish
The Cruel Crane Outwitted
Four Kinds Of Merit
The Light Of The World
Luxurious Living
The Communication Of Bliss
The Listless Fool
Rescue In The Desert
The Sower
The Outcast
The Woman At The Well
The Peacemaker
The Hungry Dog
The Despot
The Marriage-feast In Jambunada
A Party In Search Of A Thief
In The Realm Of Yamaraja
The Mustard Seed
Following The Master Over The Stream
The Sick Bhikkhu
The Patient Elephant
The Conditions Of Welfare
Sariputta's Faith
The Mirror Of Truth
The Buddha's Farewell Address
The Buddha Announces His Death
Chunda The Smith
The Buddha's Final Entering Into Nirvana
The Three Personalities Of The Buddha
The Purpose Of Being
The Praise Of All The Buddhas


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