"Mary, the wife of John Goffe of Rochester, being afflicted with a long illness, removed to her father's house at West Mulling, about nine miles from her own. There she died on 4th June, this present year, 1691. "The day before her departur... Read more of The Dying Mother {101} at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Canadian History EBook

The Canadian Community
The Governors-general: Lord Sydenham
The Governors-general: Sir Charles Bagot
The Governors-general: Lord Metcalfe
The Governors-general: Lord Elgin
British Opinion And Canadian Autonomy
The Consequences Of Canadian Autonomy
Discovery Of Lake Champlain
Discovery Of Lake George
Battle Of Lake George
A Winter Raid
Siege And Massacre Of Fort William Henry
Battle Of Ticonderoga
A Legend Of Ticonderoga
Siege Of Fort Niagara
Massacre Of The Devil's Hole
The Birth Of Montreal
Infancy Of Quebec
A Military Mission
Massachusetts Attacks Quebec
The Heights Of Abraham



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