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Canadian Dictionary EBook

Abbott Sir John Joseph Caldwell 1821-1893 Educated At Mcgill
Abbott Joseph 1789-1863 Born And Educated In England Came To
Abenaquis Indians
Abercrombie James
Abercromby James 1706-1781 Entered The Army And Obtained
Abercromby Sir Ralph 1734-1801 Commanded A Brigade In Holland
Aberdeen John Campbell Hamilton Gordon Seventh Earl Of 1847- A
Abnaki Indians
Abraham Plains Of
Academy Of Arts
Acadia College
Acadians Expulsion Of The
Adams John
Addison Robert
Adet Pierre Auguste 1763-1832 Appointed On The 10th Thermidor
Aguesseau Henri-francois 1668-1751 Studied Law Appointed Third
Index : Count Frontenac Era On French Parliaments 153
Aiguebelle D'
Aiken Thomas B
Aikins James Cox 1823-1896 Educated At Victoria College Elected
Ailleboust De Coulonge Louis D'
Aillon Father De La Roche D'
Aix-la-chapelle Treaty Of
Alabama Claims
Alaska Boundary Question
Albanel Charles L Explores Hudson Bay 11
Alberta University Of
Alexander Vii Pope 1599-1667 Born Fabio Chigi Elected Pope 1655
Index : Bishop Laval Era Appoints Laval His Vicar Apostolic 7
Alexander Of Rhodes Father L Recommends Laval For Mission Work In
Alexander Sir William
Algonquian Indians
Alix Marguerite Ch Mother Of Helen Bouille 66
Alix Simon Ch Director Of Company Of New France 170
Allan George William 1822-1901 Born In York Upper Canada
Allan Sir Hugh 1810-1882 Founder Of The Allan Line Of Steamships
Allanshaw James
Allard Father Germain
Allcock Henry
Allen Ethan 1737-1789 Index : Lord Dorchester Era Seizes Ticonderoga And Crown
Allen Ira 1751-1814 Index : Sir Frederick Haldimand Era Brother Of Ethan Has Conference
Allen John Campbell
Allison Joseph
Allouez Father Claude
Allsopp George
Almon William Bruce
American Colonies
American Invasion 1775-1776 Grew Out Of The Belief Entertained By
American Revolution
Amherst Jeffrey Baron 1717-1797 Sent To America 1758 And In
Index : General Brock Era Fort Village And Naval Station 59 Deputy
Bib : James Early History Of The Town Of Amherstburg
Amherst's Regiment
Amiens Treaty Of
Amnesty Act 1838 William Lyon Mackenzie Era Enables The Government To Extend Conditional
Amnesty Act 1849 Lord Elgin Era William Lyon Mackenzie Takes Advantage Of 91
Amusements In Canada
Anderson Captain
Anderson A Caulfield
Anderson Anthony
Anderson David 1814-1885 Born In London England Educated At
Andros Sir Edmund 1637-1713 Appointed Governor Of New York 1674
Ange Gardien
Angers Auguste Real 1838- Born In Quebec Studied Law And
Anglican Church
Anglin Timothy Warren 1822-1886 Born In Ireland Came To St John
Angus Richard Bladworth 1831- Born At Bathgate Near Edinburgh
Anian Strait Of
Annand William 1808-1892 Born In Halifax County Entered The Nova
Annapolis Royal
Anne Saint
Annexation To United States
Anse Des Meres
Anstruther's Regiment
Apprenticeship System Of
Archambault Louis
Archibald Sir Adams George 1814-1892 Educated At Pictou Academy
Bib : Expulsion Of Acadians N S Hist Soc Vol 5 For Biog
Archibald Samuel George William 1777-1846 Born In Colchester



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