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Download Canadian Humour EBook

Download a copy of the Canadian Humour EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Canadian Humour EBook

The Blue Nose
To Mary
A Toast
Sheepskins And Politics
The Doctor
Mother Hunt's Chickens
The Deacon's Bargain
The Corduroy Road
How Bateese Came Home
The Japanese Reporter
The Gray Linnet
The Ahkoond Of Swat
The Amateur Orlando
The Plumber's Revenge A Legend Of Madison Avenue
The Merchant Of Venice
The Unfortunate Elephant
The Coroner And The Banana Peel
The Rhinoceros And The Dromedary
The Hen And The Tailor
The Glow-worm And The Famished Nightingale
The Centipede And The Barbaric Yak
The Honest Newsboy
The Villager And The Snake
The Ostrich And The Hen
The Senator's Laundry



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