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Card Games EBook

The Rubber
Formation Of The Table
Cutting Cards Of Equal Value
Cutting Out
Entry And Re-entry
The Deal
A New Deal
A Misdeal
Cards Liable To Be Called
Cards Played In Error
The Revoke
Calling For New Cards
Making The Trump And Playing
The Discard
The Trump Card
Playing Alone
Etiquette Of Euchre
Technical Terms Used In Euchre
Eldest Or First Hand
Second Hand
Third Hand
The Dealer
The Bridge
Lone Hands
Case I
Case Ii
Case Iii
Case Iv
Case V
Case Vi
Case Vii
Case Viii
Case Ix
Canfield Or Klondike
The Great Thirteen
The "louis" Patience
The Congress
The Fish-bone
The Carpet
Two Rings
The Nation
The Wheel
Mount Olympus
The Square
The Olga
The Herring-bone
General Sedgewick
The Queens
The Terrace
Light And Shade
The Labyrinth
Spenser's Fairie Queen
The Kings
The Zodiac
The Constitution
Napoleon's Square
The Hemispheres
The Flower-garden
The Besieged City
The Empress Of India
La Nivernaise
The Sultan
The Fourteenth
The Blockade
The Clock
The Shah
The Mill
The Four Corners
The Salic Law
The Fifteen
Napoleon At St Helena
Explanation Of Terms
La Belle Lucie
The Declaration
Original Declarations By The Dealer
The Bid Of One No-trump
Hands In Which The No-trump Declaration Is Doubtful
When To Bid Two No-trumps
Exception To The No-trump Rule
Suit Declarations
Various Ideas Of The Two Spade Bid
The Two Spade Bid
The Three Spade Bid
When To Bid Two In Either Royals Or Hearts
When To Bid Three In Either Royals Or Hearts
The Two Bid In Diamonds Or Clubs
How To Declare Two-suit Hands
Hands In Which A Trump Declaration Is Doubtful



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