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Download a copy of the Carpentry EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Carpentry EBook

Knowledge Of Tools
A Full Kit Of Tools
The Hatchet
The Claw Hammer
About Saws
The Jack Plane
The Mortising Chisel
Saw Clamps
The Grindstones
The Miter Box
The Work Bench
Care Of Tools
First Requisite
How To Set
Simple Saw Setter
Filing Angles
The Angle Of Filing
Saw Clamps
The File
The Grindstone
In The Use Of Grindstones
Correct Way To Hold Tool For Grinding
Incorrect Way To Hold Tool For Grinding
The Plane
The Gage
General Observations
How To Hold And Handle Tools
The Saw
How To Start A Saw
How To Start On A Line
The First Stroke
The Starting Cut
For Cross-cutting
Forcing A Saw
The Stroke
The Chinese Saw
Things To Avoid
The Plane
Angles For Holding Planes
Errors To Be Avoided
The Gage
Holding The Gage
The Draw-knife
Fundamentals Of Designing
The Commercial Instinct
First Requirements For Designing
Conventional Styles
Mission Style
Harmony Of Parts
Harmonizing Wood
Concrete Examples Of Work
Laying Out The Legs
The Length Of The Mortises
The Mortises
The Facing Boards
The Tenons
Tools Used
Chamfered Tenons
The Frame Assembled
The Drawer Supports
The Table Frame
The Top
The Drawer
How Any Structure Is Built Up
Observations About A Box
Beveling And Mitering
Proper Terms
Picture Frames
Dovetail Joints
Preparing A Box Joint
First Steps
Cutting Out The Spaces
Tools Used In Laying Out Tenons And Mortises
The Square
The Try Square
The Compass
Proportional Dividers
Determining Angles
Definition Of Degree
The Most Important Angle
Degrees Without A Compass
What Degrees Are Calculated From
The Dividers
The Right Name For Everything
Proper Designations
Learning Mechanical Forms
66 Dormer
67 Dowel
68 Drip


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