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Download a copy of the Colonization of North America EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Colonization of North America EBook

The Background And The Discovery
Growth Of Geographical Knowledge
Portuguese Discoveries
Columbus And The Discovery Of America
Spain During The Conquest
The Occupation Of The West Indies
Beginnings Of Colonial Administration And Policy
Exploration Of The Mainland Coasts And The Search For A Strait
The Mayas And The Nahuas
The Conquest Of Central America
The Conquest Of The Valley Of Mexico
The Spread Of The Conquest
Explorations In The Northern Interior And On The Pacific
The Establishment Of The Viceroyalty Of New Spain
Old And New Spain Under Philip Ii
The Mines Of Northern Mexico
The Settlement Of The Atlantic Seaboard
Foreign Intrusions In The Atlantic
The Philippines And California
The Founding Of New Mexico
Spanish Achievements In The Sixteenth Century
The French Background
Early Explorations And Colonizing Efforts
The St Lawrence Valley
Reorganization And The Iroquois Wars
The West Indies
Opening The Upper Lake Region And The Mississippi Valley
The Tudor Period
Commercial Expansion
The Elizabethan Sea-dogs
Search For A Northwest Passage
Attempts At Colonization
England Under The Early Stuarts 1603-1640
The Colonial Administrative System Of The Early Stuarts
The Founding Of Virginia
The Founding Of Maryland
The Bermudas
The Lesser Antilles
The Providence Island Company
The Puritan Movement In England
Plymouth Colony
Colonizing Activities On The New England Coast
The Massachusetts Bay Colony
Expansion Of The Massachusetts Bay Colony Rhode Island
Settlements In The Connecticut Valley
Politics Administration And Expansion
New England Development
Virginia And Maryland 1640-1660
Dutch Expansion
New Netherlands
The Dutch And The Swedes On The Delaware
Absorption Of New Netherlands By The English
Colonial Policy And Administration
Machinery Of Government
Misrule And Rebellion In Virginia
Discontent In Maryland
Royal Interference In New England
New York
The Jerseys
The Insular Colonies
The Carolinas
Western Trade And Exploration
Hudson's Bay Company
New England
New York And East New Jersey
Colonies Along Delaware River And Bay
The Chesapeake Bay Region
South Carolina
Spain And The Colonies In The Seventeenth Century
Frontier Administration
The Missions
The Jesuits In Sinaloa And Sonora
Efforts To Occupy Lower California
The Settlement Of Chihuahua
New Mexico In The Seventeenth Century
Coahuila Occupied
First Attempts In Eastern Texas
The Struggle With Rivals In The West Indies
The Struggle With The English On The Carolina Border
The Preliminary Struggle For The Northern Fur Country
The War Of The English Succession
The War Of The Spanish Succession
The Founding Of Louisiana
Louisiana Under The Company Of The Indies 1717-1731
Louisiana Under The Royal Governors
The Trans-mississippi West
The Advance Toward New Mexico
The Far Northwest
Northeastward Advance Of The Spanish Frontier
The Founding Of Texas
War With France
The Expansion Of Texas
The Franco-spanish Border
Pimería Alta
The Jesuits In Lower California
The Westward Movement
Defence Of The Northern Frontier



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