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Download a copy of the Inconsiderate People EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Inconsiderate People EBook

Humbug Universal - In Religion - In Politics - In Business - In Science - In Medicine
Definition Of The Word Humbug
Monsieur Mangin The French Humbug
Old Grizzly Adams
The Golden Pigeons
The Whale The Angel Fish And The Golden Pigeon
Pease's Hoarhound Candy And The Dorr Rebellion
Brandreth's Pills The Real Power Of Imagination
The Davenport Brothers Their Rise And Progress
The Spirit-rapping And Medium Humbugs And Their Origin
The Ballot-test The Old Gentleman And His Diseased Relatives
Spiritual Letters On The Arm How To Make Them Yourself
Demonstrations By Sampson Under A Table
Spiritual Photographing
Banner Of Light And Messages From The Dead
Spiritualist Humbugs Waking Up
The Spiritualist Bogus Baby
Adulterations Of Food And Liquor
Adulterations In Drinks: List Ofthings To Make Rum Things To Color It With
The Peter Funks And Their Functions
Lottery Sharks
Another Lottery Humbug
A California Coal Mine
The Petroleum Humbug
The Tulipomania
John Bull's Great Money Humbug
Business Humbugs
Doctors And Imagination
The Consumptive Remedy
Monsignore Cristoforo Rischio
The Twenty-seventh Street Ghost Spirits On The Rampage
The Moon-hoax
The Miscegenation Hoax
Haunted Houses
Ghosts Ghouls Phantoms Vampires Conjurors Divining Goblins Fortune-telling Magic Witches Sorcery Obi Dreams Signs Spiritual Mediums False Prophets Demonology Deviltry Generally
Magical Humbugs
The Witch Mania
Charms And Incantations
The Princess Cariboo Or The Queen Of The Isles
Count Cagliostro Alias Joseph Balsamo Known Also As Cursed Joe
The Diamond Necklace
The Count De St Germain Sage Prophet And Magician
Riza Bey The Persian Envoy To Louis Xiv
Diamond Cut Diamond Or Yankee Superstitions
A Religious Humbug On John Bull
The First Humbug In The World
Heathen Humbugs
Modern Heathen Humbugs
Ordeals Duels Wager Of Battle
Apollonius Of Tyana


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