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Download a copy of the Curious Facts about Authors EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Curious Facts about Authors EBook

The Finding Of John Evelyn's Ms Diary At Wotton
Families Of Literary Men
The Blue-stocking Club
Dr Johnson And Hannah More
Miss Mitford's Farewell To Three Mile Cross
Smollett's Hugh Strap
Collins's Poems
Captain Morris's Songs
Literary Dinners
Popularity Of The Pickwick Papers
Swift's Disappointment
Leigh Hunt And Thomas Carlyle
Cowper's Poems
Hearne's Love Of Ale
Sheridan's Wit
Smollett's History Of England
Magna Charta Recovered
Fox And Gibbon
Dr Johnson's Pride
Lord Byron's Corsair
Booksellers In Little Britain
Reconciling The Fathers
Sir James Mackintosh's Humour
Writings Of Lope De Vega
Popularity Of Lope De Vega
Swift's Loves
Coleridge's Watchman
Ireland's Shakspeare Forgeries
Hoole The Translator Of Tasso The Ghost Puzzled
Lord Byron's Vanity
Lord Byron's Apology
Fine Flourishes
Mathematical Sailors
Lewis's Monk
Thomson's Recitations
Goldsmith's She Stoops To Conquer
Silence Not Always Wisdom
Dr Chalmers In London
Romilly And Brougham
Physiognomy Of The French Revolutionists
Death Of Sir Charles Bell
Classic Pun
Poetry Of The Sea
Felon Literature
Death Bed Revelations
Stammering Wit
Origin Of Bottled Ale
Bad's The Best
Ludicrous Estimate Of Mr Canning
The Authorship Of Waverley
Quid Pro Quo
Hope's Anastasius
Smart Repartee
Colton's Lacon
Bunyan's Copy Of The Book Of Martyrs
Literary Localities
Creed Of Lord Bolingbroke
Bunyan's Preaching
Hone's Every-day Book
Bunyan's Escapes
Drollery Spontaneous
Origin Of Cowper's John Gilpin
Hard Fate Of Authors
James Smith One Of The Authors Of Rejected Addresses
Contemporary Copyrights
Miss Burney's Evelina
Epitaph On Charles Lamb
Tom Cringle's Log
Chances For The Drama
Fuller's Memory
Lord Hervey's Wit
Anacreontic Invitation By Moore
The Poets In A Puzzle
Sale Of Magazines
Mrs Southey
Devotion To Science
Disadvantageous Correction
Patronage Of Literature
Dr Johnson's Wigs
Sheridan's Pizarro
Dr Johnson In London
Regality Of Genius
Fielding's Tom Jones
Voltaire And Ferney
Clean Hands
Moderate Flattery
Every-day Life Of James Smith
French-english Jeu-de-mot
Relics Of Izaak Walton
Praise Of Ale
Dangerous Fools
Bulwer's Pompeian Drawing-room
Sterne's Sermons
Tom Hill
Tycho Brahe's Nose
Foote's Wooden Leg
Rival Remembrance
Who Wrote Junius's Letters?
Literary Coffee-houses In The Last Century
Lord Byron And My Grandmother's Review



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