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Dog Stories EBook

A Dog On Long Sermons
A Commercial Treaty Between A Dog And A Hen
A Dog Nurse
Instinct Or Reason?
Hospital Dogs
Features In The Character Of A Dog
Bully's Short Cut
Canine Intelligence
The Dog And The Ferry
The Reason Of Dogs
A Canine Sight-seer
Thinking Out A Plan
A Parcel-carrying Dog
Purchasing Dogs
Intelligent Suspicion In A Dog
An Alpine Dog
Do Dogs Understand Our Language?
How Our Meaning Is Conveyed To Animals
Animal Intelligence
Animals And Language
Teaching Dogs A Method Of Communication
Communication With Animals
Instinct Of Locality In Dogs
Railway Dogs
A Dog's Remorse
A Conscience-stricken Dog
A Dog's Affection
Sympathy In A Dog
A Dog's Humanity
A Canine Member Of The Spca
A Dog's Courtesy
Canine Jealousy
A Jealous Dog
A Dog That Scorned To Be Jealous
Music And Dogs
Recognition Of Likenesses By Dogs
Recognition By Animals Of Pictures
Dog Friends
A Lesson
Conscious Automata
Dog And Pigeon
A Hen And Puppies
A Dog And A Rabbit
Another Pigeon Story
Dog And Kittens
A Canine Nurse
A Curious Friendship
An Act Of Canine Friendship
Dog And Canary
Cat-and-dog Love
The Dog That Buried The Frogs
An Explanation
A Dog And His Dinner
Dogs And Looking-glasses
Dogs' Sense Of Humour The Power Of Imitation In Dogs
Sense Of Humour In Dogs
A Dog's Sense Of Humour
A Dog And A Whip
A Ruse Dog
Dog Deceivers
Guardian Dogs
A True Watch-dog
Collies At Work
A Collie At Work
A Sunday Dog
A Cow's Jealousy Of A Dog
An Australian Dog-story
Two Anecdotes Of Dogs
A Dog Obeying A Summons
A Pug's Intelligence
Are Dogs Colour-blind?
Lucky And Unlucky
The Courage Of Animals
Some Facts Of Maternal Instinct In Animals
Have Animals A Foreknowledge Of Death?
Our Four-footed Friends Big And Little
Dog Consciousness
A Dog Story
Wow: A Story Of A Cat's Paw
The Biography Of Sprig
A Dog Story
A Cat-and-dog Friendship
The Sense Of Boundary In Dogs



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