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Dogs EBook

General History Of The Dog
The English Mastiff
The Bulldog
The Miniature Bulldog
The French Bulldog (bouledogue Francais)
The St Bernard
The Newfoundland
The Great Dane
The Dalmatian
The Collie
The Old English Sheepdog
The Chow Chow
The Poodle
The Schipperke
The Bloodhound
The Otterhound
The Irish Wolfhound
The Deerhound
The Borzoi Or Russian Wolfhound
The Greyhound
The Whippet
The Foxhound
The Harrier And The Beagle
The Pointer
The Setters
The Retrievers
The Curly-coated Retriever
The Labrador
The Sporting Spaniel
The Basset-hound
The Dachshund
The Old Working Terrier
The White English Terrier
The Black And Tan Terrier
The Bull-terrier
The Smooth Fox-terrier
The Wire-hair Fox-terrier
The Airedale Terrier
The Bedlington Terrier
The Irish Terrier
The Welsh Terrier
The Scottish Terrier
The West Highland White Terrier
The Dandie Dinmont
The Skye And Clydesdale Terriers
The Yorkshire Terrier
The Pomeranian
The King Charles Spaniels
The Pekinese And The Japanese
The Maltese Dog And The Pug
The Brussels Griffon
The Miniature Breeds
Practical Management
Breeding And Whelping
Some Common Ailments Of The Dog And Their Treatment
Skin Diseases
Privileges Of First Bite
Muzzling Regulations
Stray Dogs
Importation Of Dogs
Motor Cars And Dogs



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