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Download a copy of the Economic Theory EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Economic Theory EBook

Wealth And Its Origin
Varieties Of Economic Goods
The Measure Of Consumers' Wealth
The Socialization Of Industry
Production A Synthesis Distribution An Analysis
Value And Its Relation To Different Incomes
Normal Value
The Law Of Interest
Land And Artificial Instruments
Economic Dynamics
The Limits Of An Economic Society
Effects Of Dynamic Influences Within The Limited Economic Society
Perpetual Change Of The Social Structure
Effect Of Improvements In Methods Of Production
Further Influences Which Reduce The Hardships Entailed By Dynamic Changes
Capital As Affected By Changes Of Method
The Law Of Population
The Law Of Accumulation Of Capital
Conditions Insuring Progress In Method And Organization
Influences Which Pervert The Forces Of Progress
General Economic Laws Affecting Transportation
The Foregoing Principles Applied To The Railroad Problem
Organization Of Labor
The Basis Of Wages As Fixed By Arbitration
Boycotts And The Limiting Of Products
Protection And Monopoly
Leading Facts Concerning Money
Summary Of Conclusions



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