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Fly Fishing EBook

The Art Of Fly-making
An Easy Method To Make The Trout Fly
An Easy Method Of Making A Plain Salmon Fly
To Make The Trout Fly In The Best And Most Approved Method
To Make The Palmer Or Double-hackle Fly
How To Make The Salmon Fly As Shown In The Beautiful Plate Of Engravings On Salmon Hooks
Process Of Making The Gaudy Salmon Fly
To Make The Winged Larva
A Catechism Of Fly-making
The Trout Flies For The Season
Flies For March
Flies For April
Flies For May
Flies For June
Flies For July
Flies For August
Fishing Rods And Fly Fishing
Fly-fishing For Salmon
An Account Of The Salmon And Its Varieties
The Salmon Fry
A Description Of The Fifteen Salmon Flies Engraved In The Plates
Spring Flies
Salmon Rivers
The River Tweed
The River Shannon
The Lakes Of Clare
The Lakes Of Killarney
Lough Curran Waterville
Connamara And Ballynahinch
The Rivers Bush And Bann
The River Bann
Lakes Of Westmeath
The River Lee At Cork
Salmon Rivers Of Scotland
The River Tay
The Dee And Don
The River Spey
The Findhorn
Rivers And Lakes Adjacent To Fort William On The Caledonian Canal
Salmon Flies For Fort William
Salmon Flies For The Ness
The River Shin
The River Thurso
The River Esk
Loch Leven
The River Allan
Loch Awe And River
The Rivers Irvine Girvan And Stincher In Ayrshire
Rivers Of Wales The Conway
The River Dovey
River Tivey
The Wye Monmouth
The River Severn
The Trent
Rivers Of York And Derby
The Hodder
Rivers Of Derby
The Rivers Wandle And Coln
The River Thames
Gudgeons And Minnows
The Art Of Dyeing Fishing Colours Which Are Pig's Hair Mohair Fur & Hackles Commonly Called Dubbing
To Dye Yellow
To Dye Brown
To Dye A Yellow Brown
To Dye Blue
To Dye Red
To Dye Orange
To Dye Purple Or Violet
To Dye Crimson
To Dye Scarlet
Crimson Red In Grain
To Dye Green Drake Feathers And Fur
To Dye Claret
Another Way To Dye Claret
To Dye Black
To Dye Greens Of Various Shades
To Dye Lavender Or Slate Dun &c &c
A Silver Grey
A Coffee Or Chesnut
To Dye Olives And A Mixture Of Colours
A Concise Way Of Dyeing Colours
The Materials Necessary For Artificial Fly Making



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