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Download a copy of the Free Jokes EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Free Jokes EBook

All In A Preacher's Day
Atheist Holiday
Lessons From The Ark
Feminist Humor
Abnormal Psychology
Lessons I've Learned...
We're Not What?
How To Shower
Church Bloopers
Jesus Is Watching
Native Tribes
How To Bathe A Cat
Training Your Human
Could You Be An Elementary School Teacher?
Aircraft Warranty
Computer Humour
Bumper Stickers
King David Admits To Adultery
How Faiths Fight Fires
God Humour
Young Wisdom
Kids On Marriage
What Do Australia & America Have In Common?
Signs That You've Had Too Much Of The 90's
On Marriage: One-Liners
Gone Shopping
Women Drivers
Today's Deep Thought
Ma And Pa
Horseback Riding
Frog Jokes
How To Screw Up An Interview
One Liner
Cute Kids
Funny Signs
A Fowl Story
Military And Marines
Computer Gender?
And It Was So
Birthday Gift
The Dying Man
Registering... And The Head Hog
The Cost Of A Woman
New Definitions
Tate's Compass Company
A True Confession!
The Painter!
Stranger Than Fiction
Wise Women
Words Not Yet In The Dictionary
The Deck Of Cards
Quality Of Life
Need A Good Lawyer?
The Christian Thing To Do
Frog Story
Efficiency Expert
Translating Personal Ads
New Teacher
Bad Day Epxerience
Is It Sooner Than You Think?
Sheep's Head Soup
Computer Problem Report Form
Sex On The Sabbath
God Has A Wife?
The Sunbather
Heaven's Gate
That Cold Day In Hell
Bible Quiz
Dear God: Letters From Children
Today's Stock Market Report
The Psychic Hotline
Sweet Children
Karate My Foot!
Cat Diary
50 Ways To Confuse, Worry, Or Just Scare People In The Computer Lab
Movie Project
The Nun And The Drunk
Going To Church
Playing Church
Him And Her
Your Tattoo
'Humor Impaired'
Photo Radar
The Vet
Ashes To...
Ten Excuses Men Give For Calling Off A Relationship
Ten Excuses A Woman Gives For Calling Off The Relationship
'Abort, Retry, Ignore?'
Funeral (And The Time)
Philosophy 101
Not In My Lifetime
The Rules Of Chocolate
The Computer Expert's Glossary



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