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Download a copy of the Science Experiments EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Science Experiments EBook

To Produce Fire By The Mixture Of Two Cold Liquids
The Exploding Bubble
The Magic Picture
Artificial Lightning
Artificial Thunder
Another Way
Money Augmented By An Optical Illusion
Three Objects Discernible Only With Both Eyes
To Construct The Camera Obscura
The Magnifying Reflector
To Tell By A Watch Dial The Hour When A Person Intends To Rise
A Person Having An Even Number Of Shillings In One Hand And An Odd
Secret Correspondence
Another Way
Secret Correspondence By Music
The Magic Vessel
Artificial Earthquake And Volcano
Artificial Illuminations
The Cameleon Spirit
Invisible Ink
Invisible Gold Ink
Invisible Silver Ink
Invisible Yellow Ink
Invisible Red Ink
Invisible Green Ink
Another Invisible Green Ink
Invisible Violet Ink
Invisible Grey Ink
A Secret Correspondence By Means Of Invisible Ink
The Mysterious Writing
The Restored Flowers
Winter Changed To Spring
The Silver Tree
The Lead Tree
To Produce Beautiful Fire-works In Miniature
Artificial Rain And Hail
Illuminated Writing
A Lamp That Will Burn Twelve Months Without Replenishing
Curious Transcolorations
Curious Account Of The Electric Effects Of A Russian Climate
Astonishing Power Of Steam
Account Of The Wonderful Effects Of Two Immense Burning-glasses
Fulminating Powder
A More Powerful Fulminating Powder
To Make The Phosphorus Match Bottles
To Make A Ring Suspend By A Thread After The Thread Has Been
To Form Figures In Relief On An Egg
To Give A Ghastly Appearance To Persons In A Room
To Change Blue To White
Magical Transmutations
To Make Pomatum With Water And Wax
Iron Transformed Into Copper
Iron Transformed Into Silver
Chemical Illuminations
The Philosophical Candle
To Make The Appearance Of A Flash Of Lightning When Any One Enters A
To Melt Iron In A Moment And Make It Run Into Drops
Never-yielding Cement
To Remove Stains And Blemishes From Prints
To So Fill A Glass With Water That It Cannot Be Removed Without
Two Figures One Of Which Blows Out And The Other Re-lights A
A Vessel That Will Let Water Out At The Bottom As Soon As The Mouth
A Powder Which Catches Fire When Exposed To The Air
Fulminating Gold
To Melt A Piece Of Money In A Walnut-shell Without Injuring The
A Liquid That Shines In The Dark
Luminous Liquor
The Changeable Rose
Golden Ink
Another Way
White Ink For Writing On Black Paper
To Construct Paper Balloons
Water-gilding Upon Silver
A Water Which Gives Silver A Gold Colour
To Make An Old Gold Chain Appear Like New
To Give Silver The Colour Of Gold
A Water To Give Any Metal A Gold Colour
Another Way
To Give Silver-plate A Lustre
The Fiery Fountain
To Take Impressions Of Coins Medals &c
To Tell A Person Any Number He May Privately Fix On
To Tell Any Number A Person Has Fixed On Without Asking Him Any
The Lamp Chronometer
The Phial Of The Four Elements
The Magic Bottle
The Globular Fountain
The Hydraulic Dancer
A Person Having Put A Ring An One Of His Fingers To Name The Person
The Water Sun
The Magical Cascade
The Illuminated Fountain That Plays When The Candles Are Lighted
A Fountain Which Acts By The Heat Of The Sun
Inflammable Phosphorus
The Magical Mirrors
To Cause A Brilliant Explosion Under Water



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