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Download a copy of the Ghost Stories EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Ghost Stories EBook

Present At A Hanging
A Cold Greeting
A Wireless Message
An Arrest
A Man With Two Lives
Three And One Are One
A Baffled Ambuscade
Two Military Executions
The Isle Of Pines
A Fruitless Assignment
A Vine On A House
At Old Man Eckert's
The Spook House
The Other Lodgers
The Thing At Nolan
The Difficulty Of Crossing A Field
An Unfinished Race
Charles Ashmore's Trail
The Empty House
A Haunted Island
* * * * *
A Case Of Eavesdropping
Keeping His Promise
With Intent To Steal
The Wood Of The Dead
Smith: An Episode In A Lodging-house
A Suspicious Gift
The Strange Adventures Of A Private Secretary In New York
Visions Of The Dead In Sleep
The Power Of The Dead To Return To Earth
The Belief In Ghosts In Greece And Rome
Stories Of Haunting
Apparitions Of The Dead
The Signal-man
The Haunted House - The Mortals In The House
The Trial For Murder
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
The Old Nurse's Story
The Superstitious Man's Story
A Story Of Ravenna
Teig O'kane And The Corpse
The Haunted And The Haunters: Or The House And The Brain
The Botathen Ghost
The Ghost Of Lord Clarenceux
Dr Duthoit's Vision
The Seven Lights
The Spectral Coach Of Blackadon
Drake's Drum
The Spectre Bridegroom
The Pool In The Graveyard
The Lianhan Shee
The Haunted Cove
Wandering Willie's Tale
Glamis Castle
Powys Castle
Croglin Grange
The Ghost Of Major Sydenham
The Miraculous Case Of Jesch Claes
The Radiant Boy Of Corby Castle
Clerk Saunders
Dorothy Durant
Pearlin Jean
The Denton Hall Ghost
The Goodwood Ghost Story
Captain Wheatcroft
The Iron Cage
A C----]
The Ghost Of Rosewarne
The Iron Chest Of Durley
The Strange Case Of M Bezuel
The Marquis De Rambouillet
The Altheim Revenant
Sertorius And His Hind
Vision Of Cromwell
Lord Strafford's Warning
Kotter's Red Circle
The Vision Of Charles Xi Of Sweden
Ben Jonson's Prevision
Queen Ulrica And The Countess Steenbock
Denis Misanger
The Pied Piper
Jeanne D'arc
Anne Walker
The Hand Of Glory
The Bloody Footstep
The Ghostly Warriors Of Worms
The Wandering Jew In England
Bendith Eu Mammau
The Red Book Of Appin
The Good O'donoghue
Sarah Polgrain
The Fascination Of The Ghost Story



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