O MOTHER EARTH! upon thy lap Thy weary ones receiving, And o'er them, silent as a dream, Thy grassy mantle weaving, Fold softly in thy long embrace That heart so worn and broken, And cool its pulse of fire beneath Thy shadows old and oaken.... Read more of Randolph Of Roanoke at Martin Luther King.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Heros EBook

Daniel Boone And The Founding Of Kentucky
George Rogers Clark And The Conquest Of The Northwest
The Battle Of Trenton
King's Mountain
The Storming Of Stony Point
Gouverneur Morris
The Burning Of The Philadelphia
The Cruise Of The Wasp
The General Armstrong Privateer
The Battle Of New Orleans
John Quincy Adams And The Right Of Petition
Francis Parkman
Remember The Alamo
Hampton Roads
The Flag-bearer
The Death Of Stonewall Jackson
The Charge At Gettysburg
General Grant And The Vicksburg Campaign
Robert Gould Shaw
Charles Russell Lowell
Sheridan At Cedar Creek
Lieutenant Cushing And The Ram Albemarle
Farragut At Mobile Bay



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