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Download a copy of the Historic Tales EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Historic Tales EBook

Vineland And The Vikings
Champlain And The Iroquois
Sir William Phips And The Silver-ship
The Story Of The Regicides
How The Charter Was Saved
How Franklin Came To Philadelphia
The Perils Of The Wilderness
Some Adventures Of Major Putnam
A Gallant Defence
Daniel Boone The Pioneer Of Kentucky
Paul Revere's Ride
The Green Mountain Boys
The British At New York
A Quakeress Patriot
The Siege Of Fort Schuyler
On The Track Of A Traitor
Ponce De Leon And The Fountain Of Youth
De Soto And The Father Of Waters
The Lost Colony Of Roanoke
The Thrilling Adventure Of Captain John Smith
The Indian Massacre In Virginia
The Great Rebellion In The Old Dominion
Chevalier La Salle The Explorer Of The Mississippi
The French Of Louisiana And The Natchez Indians
The Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe
How Oglethorpe Saved Georgia From Spain
A Boy's Working Holiday In The Wildwood
Patrick Henry The Herald Of The Revolution
Governor Tryon And The Carolina Regulators
Lord Dunmore And The Gunpowder
The Fatal Expedition Of Colonel Rogers
How Colonel Clark Won The Northwest
King's Mountain And The Patriots Of Tennessee
General Greene's Famous Retreat
Eli Whitney The Inventor Of The Cotton-gin
How Old Hickory Fought The Creeks
The Pirates Of Barataria Bay
The Heroes Of The Alamo
How Houston Won Freedom For Texas
Captain Robert E Lee And The Lava-beds
A Christmas Day On The Plantation
Captain Gordon And The Raccoon Roughs
Stuart's Famous Chambersburg Raid
Forrest's Chase Of The Raiders
Exploits Of A Blockade-runner
Fontain The Scout And The Besiegers Of Vicksburg
Gordon And The Bayonet Charge At Antietam
The Last Triumph Of Stonewall Jackson
John Morgan's Famous Raid
Home-coming Of General Lee And His Veterans
The Isles Of Beauty Beyond The Seas
Alonso De Ojeda And The Carib Cacique
The Early Days Of A Famous Cavalier
Balboa And The Discovery Of The Pacific
The Romantic Story Of The Prince Of Tezcuco
The Famous Retreat Of Cortez And The Spaniards
Pizarro And The Inca's Golden Ransom
Gonzalo Pizarro And The Land Of Cinnamon
Coronado And The Seven Cities Of Cibola
The Faithful Miranda And The Lovers Of Argentina
Lantaro The Boy Hero Of The Araucanians
Drake The Sea-king And The Spanish Treasure-ships
Sir Walter Raleigh And The Quest For El Dorado
Morgan The Freebooter And The Raid On Panama
A Drama Of Plunder Murder And Revenge
The Wonderful March Of The Freebooters
The Cruelty Of The Spaniards To The Indians
Cudjoe The Negro Chief And The Maroons Of Jamaica
Toussaint L'ouverture And The Revolution In Hayti
Bolivar The Liberator And The Conquest Of New Granada
Hidalgo The Patriot And The Grito De Dolores
Paez The Llanero Chief And The War For Freedom
The Hannibal Of The Andes And The Freedom Of Chili
Colony Empire And Republic Revolution In Brazil
Francia The Dictator The Louis Xi Of Paraguay
Tacon The Governor And Marti The Smuggler
Kearney's Daring Expedition And The Conquest Of New Mexico
The Second Conquest Of The Capital Of Mexico
Walker The Filibuster And The Invasion Of Nicaragua
Maximilian Of Austria And His Empire In Mexico
Maceo And The Struggle For Cuban Independence
Lieutenant Hobson And The Sinking Of The Merrimac
How England Became Christian
King Alfred And The Danes
The Wooing Of Elfrida
The End Of Saxon England
Hereward The Wake
The Death Of The Red King
How The White Ship Sailed
A Contest For A Crown
The Captivity Of Richard Coeur De Lion
Robin Hood And The Knight Of The Rueful Countenance
Wallace The Hero Of Scotland
Bruce At Bannockburn
The Siege Of Calais
The Black Prince At Poitiers
Wat Tyler And The Men Of Kent
The White Rose Of England
The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold
The Story Of Arabella Stuart



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