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Download History of Australia EBook

Download a copy of the History of Australia EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

History of Australia EBook

The Early Discoverers
The Convict Settlement At Sydney 1788-1800
The Discoveries Of Bass And Flinders
New South Wales 1800-1808
Tasmania 1803-1836
New South Wales 1808-1837
Discoveries In The Interior 1817-1836
Port Phillip 1800-1840
South Australia 1836-1841
New South Wales 1838-1850
South Australia 1841-1850
The Discovery Of Gold
Victoria 1851-1855
New South Wales 1851-1860
West Australia 1829-1890
Queensland 1823-1890
Explorations In The Interior 1840-1860
Discoveries In The Interior 1860-1886
Tasmania 1837-1890
South Australia 1850-1890
New South Wales 1860-1890
Victoria 1855-1890
The Times Of The Maoris
New Zealand Colonised
White Men And Maoris
New Zealand 1843-1890



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