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Download a copy of the History of the Devil EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

History of the Devil EBook

Being An Introduction To The Whole Work
Of The Word Devil As It Is A Proper Name To The Devil And Any Or All His Host Angels
Of The Original Of The Devil Who He Is And What He Was Before His Expulsion Out Of Heaven And In What State He Was From That Ti
Of The Name Of The Devil His Original And The Nature Of His Circumstances Since He Has Been Called By That Name
Of The Station Satan Had In Heaven Before He Fell The Nature And Original Of His Crime And Some Of Mr Milton's Mistakes Aboutit
What Became Of The Devil And His Host Of Fallen Spirits After Their Being Expell'd From Heaven
Of The Number Of Satan's Host How They Came First To Know Of The New Created Worlds Now In Being And Their Measures With Mankin
Of The Power Of The Devil At The Time Of The Creation Of This World
Of The Progress Of Satan In Carrying On His Conquest Over Mankind From The Fall Of Eve To The Deluge
Of The Devil's Second Kingdom And How He Got Footing In The Renew'd World By His Victory Over Noah And His Race
Of God's Calling A Church Out Of The Midst Of A Degenerate World
The Total Works
Of Hell As It Is Represented To Us And How The Devil Is To Be Understood As Being Personally In Hell When At The Same Time We F
Of The Manner Of Satan's Acting And Carrying On His Affairs In This World And Particularly Of His Ordinary Workings In The Dark
Of Satan's Agents Or Missionaries And Their Actings Upon And In The Minds Of Men In His Name
Of The Devil's Management In The Pagan Hierarchy By Omens Entrails Augurs Oracles And Such Like Pageantry Of Hell
Of The Extraordinary Appearance Of The Devil And Particularly Of The Cloven-foot
Whether Is Most Hurtful To The World The Devil Walking About Without His Cloven-foot Or The Cloven-foot Walking About Without T
Witches Making Bargains For The Devil And Particularly Of Selling The Soul To The Devil
Of The Tools The Devil Works With Witches Wizards Or Warlocks Conjurers Magicians Divines Astrologers Interpreters Of Dreams Te
Of The Various Methods The Devil Takes To Converse With Mankind
Of Divination Sorcery The Black-art Pawawing And Such Like Pretenders To Devilism And How Far The Devil Is Or Is Not Concern'd
Of The Devil's Last Scene Of Liberty



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