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Download a copy of the History of Germany EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

History of Germany EBook

The Ancient Germans And Their Country
The Wars Of Rome With The Germans
Hermann The First German Leader
Germany During The First Three Centuries Of Our Era
The Rise And Migrations Of The Goths
The Invasion Of The Huns And Its Consequences
The Rise And Fall Of The Ostrogoths
Europe At The End Of The Migration Of The Races
The Kingdom Of The Franks
The Dynasty Of The Royal Stewards
The Reign Of Charlemagne
The Emperors Of The Carolingian Line
King Konrad And The Saxon Rulers Henry I And Otto The Great
The Decline Of The Saxon Dynasty
The Frank Emperors To The Death Of Henry Iv
End Of The Frank Dynasty And Rise Of The Hohenstaufens
The Reign Of Frederick I Barbarossa
The Reign Of Frederick Ii And End Of The Hohenstaufen Line
Germany At The Time Of The Interregnum
From Rudolf Of Hapsburg To Ludwig The Bavarian
The Luxemburg Emperors Karl Iv And Wenzel
The Reign Of Sigismund And The Hussite War
The Foundation Of The Hapsburg Dynasty
Germany During The Reign Of Maximilian I
The Reformation
From Luther's Death To The End Of The 16th Century
Beginning Of The Thirty Years' War
Tilly Wallenstein And Gustavus Adolphus
End Of The Thirty Years' War
Germany To The Peace Of Ryswick
The War Of The Spanish Succession
The Rise Of Prussia
The Reign Of Frederick The Great
Germany Under Maria Theresa And Joseph Ii 1740 1790
From The Death Of Joseph Ii To The End Of The German Empire
Germany Under Napoleon
From The Liberation Of Germany To The Year 1848
The Revolution Of 1848 And Its Results
The Struggle With Austria The North-german Union
The War With France And Establishment Of The German Empire
The New German Empire
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