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Download History of Puerto Rico EBook

Download a copy of the History of Puerto Rico EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

History of Puerto Rico EBook

The Departure
The Discovery
Ponce And Ceron
First Distribution Of Indians Repartimientos
The Rebellion
The Rebellion Continued
Number Of Aboriginal Inhabitants And Second Distribution Of Indians
Laws And Ordinances
The Return Of Ceron And Diaz - Ponce's First Expedition To Florida
Dissensions - Transfer Of The Capital
Calamities - Ponce's Second Expedition To Florida And Death
Incursions Of Fugitive Boriquen Indians And Caribs
Depopulation Of The Island - Preventive Measures - Introduction Of Negro Slaves
Attacks By French Privateers - Cause Of The War With France - Charles V - Ruin Of The Island
Sedeno - Changes In The System Of Government
Defenseless Condition Of The Island - Construction Of Fortifications And Circumvallation Of San Juan
Drake's Attack On San Juan
Occupation And Evacuation Of San Juan By Lord George Cumberland
Attack On San Juan By The Hollanders Under Bowdoin
Decline Of Spain's Power - Buccaneers And Filibusters
British Attacks On Puerto Rico - Siege Of San Juan By Sir Ralph Abercrombie
Invasions By Colombian Insurgents
Review Of The Social Conditions In Puerto Rico And The Political Events In Spain From
General Condition Of The Island
Political Events In Spain And Their Influence On Affairs In Puerto Rico
The Dawn Of Freedom
Situation And General Appearance Of Puerto Rico
Origin Character And Customs Of The Primitive Inhabitants Of Boriquen
The Jibaro Or Puerto Rican Peasant
Origin And Character Of The Modern Inhabitants Of Puerto Rico
Negro Slavery In Puerto Rico
Increase Of Population
Agriculture In Puerto Rico
Commerce And Finances
Education In Puerto Rico
Libraries And The Press
The Regular And Secular Clergy
The Inquisition
Growth Of Cities
Auriferous Streams And Gold Produced From
West Indian Hurricanes In Puerto Rico From
The Caribs



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