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Download Household Tips EBook

Download a copy of the Household Tips EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Household Tips EBook

1. Charcoal to Prevent Rust
2. A Needle Holder
3. Care of a Scrubbing Brush
4. In Case of Sickness
5. To Tighten Cane-Seated Chair Bottoms
6. For Chilblains
7. Paint, Smoked by Kerosene Lamps
8. A Use for Sacks
9. Soap With Stove Blacking
10. To Remove White Spots from Tables
11. To Clean Mirrors
12. To Whiten Linen
13. Velveteen for Polishing Cloths
14. For Clearing Vinegar
15. Uses for Old Velvet
16. Removing Warts
17. To Save Time by Sewing
18. To Remove Stains from Blankets
19. Burn from Acid or Lye
20. To Wash Laces
21. For Cut or Bruise
22. Lemons; How to Obtain More Juice
23. Whipping Cream
24. To Clean Lamp Burners
25. To Preserve Hot Water Bottle
26. Sweep Stairs with Paint Brush
27. Washing Hair Brushes
28. Loops on Towels
29. Changing Pillow Slips
30. Use of Old Linen Collars
31. Discarded Toys
32. To Clean Silver
33. Removing Stains
34. To Keep Free from Mould
35. Hanging Out Clothes
36. A Fine Cutting Board
37. Convenient Place for Stiletto
38. Cleaning Paint and Varnish
39. How to Keep Cookies from Burning
40. Non-Sticking Cake Tins
41. To Clean Sieve
42. Washing Clothes
43. Discoveries
44. To Stretch Curtains
45. Cleaning Windows in the Winter
46. How to Kill Black Ants
47. Washing Windows
48. Home-made Soap Shaker
49. Cleaning Rugs
50. Clean Leather Furniture
51. Ironing Board, Conveniences for
52. Clean Gilt Furniture
53. For Tufted Furniture
54. Clean Linoleum
55. For Broken Needles
56. How to Carry House Key
57. A Sewing Room Hint
58. Convenient Addition to Kitchen
59. To Remove Candle Grease
60. Using Silk on the Machine
61. A Shoe Cover
62. To Press Skirts
63. How to Attach Holders to Kitchen Apron
64. To Pack Music
65. Pie Crust, How to Bake
66. Let the Poison Bottle Tinkle
67. A New Night Lamp
68. Time Saved in Sewing
69. Stews and Hash, How to Make
70. Dusters
71. Broom Bags
72. To Settle Coffee
73. Stocking Tops for Convenient Holders
74. Hat Hangers
75. To Freshen Bread
76. Renewing Wringer Rollers
77. To Prevent Cake Tins Sticking
78. Substitute for Chopping Bowl
79. Save the Gas
80. To Prevent Pitchers Dripping
81. Medicine Cupboard
82. To Prevent Tablecloths from Blowing Off
83. To Mark Poison Bottle
84. To Remove White Spots Caused by Hot Dishes
85. Stains from Fly Paper, to Remove
86. A Use for Ravelings
87. How to Remove a Glass Stopper
88. To Prevent Starch from Boiling Over
89. To Hold Sheets in Place
90. Hints for Bathing the Baby
91. A Satisfactory Shoe Polisher
92. Tasty Way of Preparing Beef-tea
93. To Preserve Silk Gloves
94. Red Ants to Destroy
95. Kitchen Account Book
96. A Brick Pincushion
97. Fruit Stains, to Remove from Hands
98. Eyelet Embroidery, Suggestions for
100. Needle Sharpener
101. Burned Kettles



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