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Download Humour Scenes EBook

Download a copy of the Humour Scenes EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Humour Scenes EBook

If It Ain't Right I'll Make It All Right In The Morning!
Don't You Believe In 'em?
Used Up
The Greatest Moral Engine
The Story Of Capt Paul
Hereditary Complaints
Nights With The Caucusers
Affecting Cruelty
The Wolf Slayer
The Man That Knew 'em All
A Severe Spell Of Sickness
The Race Of The Aldermen
Getting Square
People Do Differ!
Bill Whiffletree's Dental Experience
A-a-a-in't They Thick?
A Desperate Race
Dodging The Responsibility
A Night Adventure In Prairie Land
Roosting Out
Rather Twangy
Passing Around The Fodder!
A Hint To Soyer
The Leg Of Mutton
A Chapter On Misers
Dog Day
Amateur Gardening
The Two Johns At The Tremont
The Yankee In A Boarding School
A Dreadful State Of Excitement
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hotel Keeping
According To Gunter
Quartering Upon Friends
Jake Hinkle's Failings
What's Going To Happen
The Washerwoman's Windfall
We Don't Wonder At It
Old Maguire And His Horse Bonny Doon
Getting Into The Right Pew
A Circuitous Route
Major Blink's First Season At Saratoga
Old Jack Ringbolt
Who Killed Capt Walker?
Practical Philosophy
Borrowed Finery Or Killed Off By A Ballet Girl
Legal Advice
Wonders Of The Day
Don't Know You Sir!
A Circumlocutory Egg Pedler
Jolly Old Times
The Pigeon Express Man
Jipson's Great Dinner Party
Look Out For Them Lobsters
The Fitzfaddles At Hull
Putting Me On A Platform!
The Exorbitancy Of Meanness
Taking Down A Sheriff
Governor Mifflin's First Coal Fire
Sure Cure
Chasing A Fugitive Subscriber
Penalty Of Kissing Your Own Wife
Mysteries And Miseries Of Housekeeping
Miseries Of A Dandy
A Juvenile Joe Miller
Selling A Landlord
Scientific Labor
Who Was That Poor Woman?
Infirmities Of Nature
Andrew Jackson And His Mother
Snaking Out Sturgeons
Mixing Meanings Mangling English
Waking Up The Wrong Passenger
Genius For Business
Have You Got Any Old Boots?
The Vagaries Of Nature
A General Disquisition On Hinges
Miseries Of Bachelorhood
The Science Of Diddling
The Re-union Thanksgiving Story
Cabbage Vs Men
Wanted A Young Man From The Country
Presence Of Mind
The Skipper's Schooner
Philosophy Of The Times
The Emperor And The Poor Author
The Bigger Fool The Better Luck
An Active Settlement
A Yankee In A Pork-house
German Caution
Ben Mcconachy's Great Dog Sell
The Perils Of Wealth
Nursing A Legacy
The Troubles Of A Mover
The Question Settled
How It's Done At The Astor House
The Advertisement
Incidents In A Fortune-hunter's Life



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