Herr H. V. Hilprecht is Professor of Assyriology in the University of Pennsylvania. That university had despatched an expedition to explore the ruins of Babylon, and sketches of the objects discovered had been sent home. Among these were draw... Read more of The Assyrian Priest at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Insane British EBook

Medical And Superstitious Treatment Of The Insane In The Olden Time
Bethlem Hospital And St Luke's
Eighteenth-century Asylums Foundation Of The York Retreat
Course Of Lunacy Legislation
Lincoln And Hanwell Progress Of Reform In The Treatment Of The Insane From 1844 To The Present Time
Our Criminal Lunatics Broadmoor
Our Chancery Lunatics
Our Idiots And Imbeciles
Progress Of Psychological Medicine During The Last Forty Years 1841 And 1881



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