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Download History of the Irish EBook

Download a copy of the History of the Irish EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

History of the Irish EBook

How The Ancient Irish People Were Governed By Their Kings And Chiefs
How The Warlike Old Irish Conquered Foreign Lands
How Kings Chiefs And People Were Subject To The Brehon Laws
How The Ancient Irish Lived As Pagans
How The Irish People Lived As Christians
How Ireland Became The Most Learned Country In Europe
How Irish Missionaries And Scholars Spread Religion And Learning In Foreign Countries
How The Ancient Irish Wrote Down All Their Literature And How Books Increased And Multiplied
How The Irish Scholars Compiled Their Annals
How The Irish Derived Amusement And Instruction From Historical And Romantic Tales
How The Ancient Irish Excelled In Music
How The Ancient Irish Excelled In Art
How The Ancient Irish Physicians Were Skilled In Medicine
How They Built And Arranged Their Houses
How They Ate Drank Feasted And Entertained
How The People Dressed
How They Fenced In And Tilled Their Land
How Irish Handicraftsmen Excelled In Their Work
How They Prepared And Made Up Clothing Materials
How The Irish Travelled On Land And Water
How The People Held Great Conventions And Fairs And How They Amused Themselves
How The Character Of The Old Irish People Showed Itself In Various Circumstances And On Various Occasions



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