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Download a copy of the Irish Humour EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Irish Humour EBook

His Birth
Singular Event
A Certificate Of Marriage
Grace After Dinner
The Three Crosses
To The Landlord
Chief Justice Whitshed
Chief Justice Whitshed's Motto On His Coach
On The Same Upright Chief Justice Whitshed
To Quilca
Mr Pulteney
Resolutions When I Come To Be Old
Miss Bennet
The Feast Of O'rourke
Swift's Behavior At Table
Countess Of Burlington
Swift's Political Principles
Swift's Charity
Public Absurdities In Ireland
Swift's Peculiarity Of Humor
Dr Bolton
The Scriblerus Club
The Upstart
Meditation Upon A Broomstick
Cossing A Dog
Trade Of Ireland
A Beggar's Wedding
The Pies
Short Charity Sermon
A Courtier's Retort
Dr Sacheverell
Taxing The Air
Epitaph On Judge Boat
On Stephen Duck The Thresher And Favorite Poet
Dialogue Between Swift And His Landlord
Roger Cox
Roger And The Poultry
Kelly The Blacksmith
Birth-day Presents
Verses Left With A Silver Standish On The Dean's Desk By Dr Delany
Verses By Swift On The Occasion
The Dean's Contributory Dinner
Swift And Bettesworth
Swift Among The Lawyers
Preaching Patriotism
Swift And His Butler
His Saturnalia
The Dean And Faulkner
Swift Arbuthnot And Parnell
Dean Swift And The Preacher Who Stole His Sermon
Swift's Queer Testimonial To His Servant
Swift At Thomastown
Swift's Last Lines
His Birth
Curran As Punch's Man
Curran At A Debating Society
Curran And The Banker
His Duel With St Leger
The Monks Of The Screw
Lord Avonmore
His First Client
Curran And The Informer
Lord Clare
Curran's Eloquence
Scene Between Fitzgibbon And Curran In The Irish Parliament
His Defence Of Archibald Hamilton Rowan
Encounter With A Fishwoman
Curran And Lord Erskine
His Duel With Bully Egan
The Serenading Lover
Employment Of Informers
Curran And The Farmer
Curran And The Judge
Curran's Quarrel With Fitzgibbon
High Authority
Use Of Red Tape
Curran And The Mastiff
Arthur O'leary
His Controversy With An Infidel
His Interview With Dr Mann
Controversy With John Wesley
Meeting Of O'leary And Wesley
Dr O'leary And Father Callanan
O'leary And The Quakers
His Reception At The Rotundo By The Volunteers
O'leary And John O'keefe
O'leary And The Irish Parliament
His Interview With Daniel Danser
A Fop
His Person And Mode Of Argument
O'leary And Captain Rock
Lots Drawn To Have Him At Dinner
O'leary And The Rector
Lady Morgan
A Batch Of Interesting Anecdotes
A Dog's Religion
Howard The Philanthropist And Mr Henry Shears
His Habits Of Study--his Influence



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