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Download a copy of the Jests EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Jests EBook

The Rising Son
Something For Dr Darwin
A Bad Example
A Confirmed Invalid
Comparisons Are Odious
An Inscription On Inscriptions
No Harm Done
Bearding A Barber
Changing His Coat
Good Advice
New Relationship
A Small Inheritance
A Difference
The Light Subject
A Fair Substitute
A Constitutional Pun
A Convert
All The Difference
Spiritual And Spirituous
A Wonderful Woman
A Wise Son Who Knew His Own Father
A Written Character
Well Matched
A Pardonable Mistake
Three Causes
The Connoisseur
A Symbol
The One Thing Wanting
A Horse Laugh
One Good Turn Deserves Another
A Novel Complaint
A Conjugal Caution
A Portrait Capitally Executed
Matter In His Madness
Pleasant Invitation
Well-bred Horse
One For His Nob
Sound And Fury
Come Of Age
A Striking Notice
Up In The World
Reverse Of Circumstances
A Dogged Answer
Visible Darkness
Words That Burn
Passing The Bottle
Junius Discovered
A Weak Woman
Too Many Cooks
Look In His Face
Nothing But The Bill
An Extinguisher
A Bad Shot
Wise Precaution
A Trump Card
Mistaken Identity
Alone In His Glory
A Capital Letter
A Good Parson
Subtraction And Addition
The Doctrine Of Chances
A Late Edition
Verses Written On A Window In The Highlands Of Scotland
Three Touchstones
A Dialogue
Bear And Van
Epitaph For Sir John Vanbrugh
Proving Their Metal
A Distant Prospect
Sound Sleeper
A Cheap Cure
A Grammatical Distinction
A Banker's Check
A Fillip For Him
Black Oils
A Bad Crop
A Grave Doctor
Waste Powder
The Saddle On The Right Horse
Black And White
Home Is Home
A Light Study
A Climax
Simple Division
Lying Consistently
Not Right
He Lies Like Truth
Hand And Glove
Vast Domain
Money Returned
Cheese And Dessert
Very Pointed
The Mixture As Before



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