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Download a copy of the Jokes EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Jokes EBook

Baby Turtle
King of the jungle
What type of snake
Prize Goat
Octopus in the bar
Smart Dog
Panda in a bar
Insurance salesman
Hot air ballon ride
Cough cure
Unusual order
The lumberjack
Funeral arrangements
Romantic food
Expert in the kitchen
Child custody
How old am I?
The chastity belt
Black Magic
Asylum fence
Hunting in the jungle
Commercial misfortune
Job interview cheat
Idiot resuce
Blind pilots
Baking funeral
If you love something
Bilingual Dog
Animal football match
The honeymoon is over
Before it starts
Turkey roll
Visit the sun
Signal man's test
Calling in sick
Like Georgia in hell
Football player test
History of the Internet
Not another virus
Microsoft tech drafted
Problems printing yellow
Don't confuse mac's with PC's
Computer class fun
Dinosaur theory
Horse power
The new southern santa
How many babies?
Cat on the roof
Minister for drinks
Scotsman at a baseball game
One good Deed



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