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Download a copy of the Love Stories EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Love Stories EBook

The Story Of Antony And Cleopatra
Abelard And Heloise
Queen Elizabeth And The Earl Of Leicester
Mary Queen Of Scots And Lord Bothwell
Queen Christina Of Sweden And The Marquis Monaldeschi
King Charles Ii And Nell Gwyn
Maurice Of Saxony And Adrienne Lecouvreur
The Story Of Prince Charles Edward Stuart
The Empress Catharine And Prince Potemkin
Marie Antoinette And Count Fersen
The Story Of Aaron Burr
George Iv And Mrs Fitzherbert
Charlotte Corday And Adam Lux
Napoleon And Marie Walewska
The Story Of Pauline Bonaparte
The Story Of The Empress Marie Louise And Count Neipperg
The Wives Of General Houston
Lola Montez And King Ludwig Of Bavaria
Leon Gambetta And Leonie Leon
Lady Blessington And Count D'orsay
Byron And The Countess Guiccioli
The Story Of Mme De Stael
The Story Of Karl Marx
Ferdinand Lassalle And Helene Von Donniges
The Story Of Rachel
Dean Swift And The Two Esthers
Percy Bysshe Shelley And Mary Godwin
The Story Of The Carlyles
The Story Of The Hugos
The Story Of George Sand
The Mystery Of Charles Dickens
Honore De Balzac And Evelina Hanska
Charles Reade And Laura Seymour



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