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Download a copy of the Making Hats EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Making Hats EBook

Neteen Or Fly Net
Cape Net
Willow Plate
Frame Or Brace Wire
Hat Frames Of Fabric
Sailor Hat Frame
Pattern For Brim
Headsize Wire
Edge Wire
Right Sidewrong Side
Square Crown
Pattern For Slanting Side Crown
To Cut Side Crown From Buckram
Crown Tips
To Cover Round Crown
To Cover Brim
To Sew Velvet Edge To Brim
To Face Under Side Of Brim
To Cover Crown Top
To Cover Side Crown
To Sew Crown On Brim
Edge Of Brim Facing When Finished Without Wire
To Cover Narrow Brim Sailor Without An Edge Seam
Brims Covered With Two Kinds Of Fabric
Shaped Brim Foundation
To Make Pattern For Brim
To Cover A Mushroom-shaped Brim
Sheer Materials
Pattern For Hat With Rolled Or Close-fitting Brim
To Cover A Close-fitting Or Rolled Brim
To Slipstitch Seam
To Glue Velvet To The Brim
A Shirred Crown Of Fabric
Frames Of Neteen And Crinoline
To Join The Seam In The Back
To Sew Edge Wire On Neteen
To Make A Turban Frame Of Neteen Or Crinoline
To Wire Turban Flare
Covering Turbans
To Open Coil Of Wire
To Cut Wire
To Straighten Wire
To Tie Wire
To Fasten Two Pieces Of Brace Wire Without The Use Of Tie Wire
To Make Wire Frame For Hat Having Flat Brim And Square Crown
Pattern For Brim
Headsize Wire For Wire Frame
Working Measurements Needed
Sticks For Brim
Edge Wire
To Join Edge Wire
Collar Of Brim
Square Crown For Wire Frame
Base Wire For Crown
Transparent Hats
Base Wire
Circles Or Hoops
To Finish The Base Of The Crown
A Shaped Wire Frame Made In One Piece
Pattern For Brim
A Rolling Brim
To Color Wire Frames
Halo Hat Brims
Headsize Wire For Halo Brim
Crown For Halo Brim
To Cover With Braid
To Pin In Place On The Frame
To Sew
Both Sides Of Brim Covered With Braid
To Cover A Crown With Braid
To Piece Braid
Brim And Crown Made From Small Pieces Of Silk And Braid
Covering Wire Frames With Maline Net Or Georgette
Ribbon Covering
Bias Fabric
Hat Linings
Plain Lining
French Lining
Tailored Lining
Milliner's Fold
Bows Of Maline
Wired Ribbon Bows
True Lovers' Knot
Tailored Bow
Box Pleating


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