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Download a copy of the Folk Rhymes EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Folk Rhymes EBook

Jonah's Band Party
Love Is Just A Thing Of Fancy
Still Water Creek
'possum Up The Gum Stump
Joe And Malinda Jane
Walk Talk Chicken With Your Head Pecked!
Captain Dime
Crossing The River
Chicken In The Bread Tray
Molly Cottontail Or Graveyard Rabbit
On Top Of The Pot
Stand Back Black Man[7]
Indian Flea
As I Went To Shiloh
Jump Jim Crow
Off From Richmond
He Is My Horse
Judge Buzzard[9]
Sheep And Goat
Jackson Put That Kettle On!
Dinah's Dinner Horn
My Mule
Bullfrog Put On The Soldier Clothes
Sail Away Ladies!
The Banjo Picking
Old Molly Hare
An Opossum Hunt
Devilish Pigs
Promises Of Freedom
When My Wife Dies
Baa! Baa! Black Sheep
He Will Get Mr Coon
Bring On Your Hot Corn
The Little Rooster
Sugar In Coffee
The Turtle's Song[14]
Raccoon And Opossum Fight
Cotton Eyed Joe
Rabbit Soup
Old Gray Mink
Run Nigger Run!
Shake The Persimmons Down
The Cow Needs A Tail In Fly-time
Jaybird Died With The Whooping Cough
Wanted! Cornbread And Coon
Little Red Hen
Ration Day
My Fiddle
Die In The Pig-pen Fighting
Master Is Six Feet One Way
Fox And Geese
Gooseberry Wine
I'd Rather Be A Negro Than A Poor White Man
The Hunting Camp
The Ark
Gray And Black Horses
Brother Ben And Sister Sal
Simon Slick's Mule
Nobody Looking
I Went Down The Road
The Old Hen Cackled
I Love Somebody
We Are All The Go
Aunt Dinah Drunk
The Old Woman In The Hills
A Sick Wife
My Wonderful Travel
I Would Not Marry A Black Girl[17]
Harvest Song
Year Of Jubilee
Sheep Shell Corn
Uncle Ned
The Master's Stolen Coat
I Wouldn't Marry A Yellow Or A White Negro Girl[21]
Don't Ask Me Questions
The Old Section Boss
The Negro And The Policeman
Ham Beats All Meat
Suze Ann
Walk Tom Wilson
Chicken Pie
I Am Not Going To Hobo Any More
Blindfold Play Chant
Fox And Geese Play
Hawk And Chickens Play
Caught By The Witch Play
Goosie-gander Play Rhyme[26]
Hawk And Buzzard
Likes And Dislikes
Susie Girl
Susan Jane



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