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Download Mechanical Drawings EBook

Download a copy of the Mechanical Drawings EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Mechanical Drawings EBook

The Drawing Board
The T Square
The Triangles
Drawing Instruments
The Drawing Paper
Tracing Paper
The Ink
The Preparation And Use Of The Instruments
Lines And Curves
The Construction Of Polygons
Names Of Regular Polygons
The Ellipse
To Draw A Heart Cam
Section Lining Or Cross-hatching
Line Shading
Marking Dimensions
The Different Views Of A Mechanical Drawing
Examples In Bolts Nuts And Polygons
United States Standard Dimensions Of Bolts And Nuts
Screw Threads And Spirals
Examples For Practice
Reducing Scales
Drawing Gear Wheels
Plotting Mechanical Motions
Examples In Line-shading And Drawings For Line-shaded Engravings
Shading And Coloring Drawings
Examples In Engine Work
The Drawing Board
The T Square
The Triangles



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