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Download a copy of the Meteorological Instruments EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Meteorological Instruments EBook

Principle Of The Barometer
2 Construction Of Barometers
Fortin&rsquos Barometer
Standard Barometer
The Barometer Vernier
Self-compensating Standard Barometer
Barometer With Electrical Adjustment
The Words On The Scale
Public Barometers
Fishery Or Sea-coast Barometers
Admiral Fitzroy&rsquos Scale Words
Instructions For The Sea-coast Barometer
French Sea-coast Barometer
The Common Formthe Barometer Is Of Great Use To The Mariner Who By Using It As A &ldquoweather Glass&rdquo Is Enabled To Fores
The Kew Marine Barometer
Method Of Verifying Marine And Other Barometers
The Fitzroy Marine Barometer
Admiral Fitzroy&rsquos Words For The Scale
Trials Of The Fitzroy Marine Barometer Under Fire Of Guns
Negretti And Zambra&rsquos Farmer&rsquos Barometer And Domestic Weather-glass
Rules For Foretelling The Weather
Causes Which May Bring About A Fall Or A Rise In The Barometer
Use Of The Barometer In The Management Of Mines
Use Of The Barometer In Estimating The Height Of Tides
Principle Of
Dial Or Wheel Barometers
Standard Syphon Barometer
Milne&rsquos Self-registering Barometer
Modification Of Milne&rsquos Barometer
King&rsquos Self-registering Barometer
Syphon With Photographic Registration
The Syphon Tube Mountain Barometer On Gay Lussac&rsquos Principle
Mountain Barometer On Fortin&rsquos Principle
Newman&rsquos Mountain Barometer
Method Of Calculating Heights By The Barometer
Desirability Of Magnifying The Barometer Range
Howson&rsquos Long Range Barometer
Mcneild&rsquos Long Range Barometer
Small Size Aneroids
Watch Aneroid
Measurement Of Heights By The Aneroid
Metallic Barometer
Temperature Is The Energy With Which Heat Affects Our Sensation Of Feeling
Thermometric Substances
Description Of The Thermometer
Standard Thermometer
Methods Of Ascertaining The Exact Boiling Temperature
Displacement Of The Freezing Point
The Scale
Varieties Of Thermometers
Earth Thermometer
Marine Thermometer
Importance Of Self-registering Thermometers
Maxima Thermometers
Phillip&rsquos Maximum Thermometer
Negretti And Zambra&rsquos Patent Maximum Thermometer
Minima Thermometers
Horticultural Minimum Thermometer
Baudin&rsquos Alcohol Minimum Thermometer
Mercurial Minima Thermometers Desirable
Negretti & Zambra&rsquos Second Patent Mercurial Minimum Thermometer
Casella&rsquos Mercurial Minimum Thermometer
Maxima And Minima Thermometers
Solar And Terrestrial Radiation Considered
Solar Radiation Thermometer
Vacuum Solar Radiation Thermometer
Pouillet&rsquos Pyrheliometer
On Sixe&rsquos Principle
Johnson&rsquos Metallic Deep-sea Thermometer
Mountain Thermometer Sometimes Called Hypsometric Apparatus
Precautions To Ensure Correct Graduation
Method Of Calculating Heights From Observations With The Mountain Thermometer
Thermometers For Engineers
Hygrometric Substances
Leslie&rsquos Hygrometer
Daniel&rsquos Hygrometer
Regnault&rsquos Condenser Hygrometer
Mason&rsquos Hygrometer
Howard&rsquos Rain-gauge
Admiral Fitzroy&rsquos Rain-gauge
Self-registering Rain-gauge
Position For Rain-gauge &c
Causes Of Rain
Laws Of Rain-fall
The Vane
Robinson&rsquos Anemometer
Whewell&rsquos Anemometer
Osler&rsquos Anemometer And Pluviometer
Beckley&rsquos Anemometer
Atmospheric Electroscope
Thomson&rsquos Electrometer
Fundamental Facts Regarding Atmospheric Electricity
Lightning Conductors
Nature Of Ozone
Distribution And Effects Of Ozone
Chemical Weather Glass



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