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Download a copy of the Military Training EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Military Training EBook

General Advice
Inoculations And Vaccination
What To Bring
What To Do On Your Arrival
Rules Of Conduct For Camp Life
Advice Regarding Habits
A Disciplined Soldier
Army Slang
How To Clean A Rifle And Bayonet
Final Suggestions
Physical Exercise
1st Exercise
School Of The Soldier
Position Of A Soldier At Attention
The Rests
Eyes Right Or Left
Steps And Marchings
Quick Time
To Mark Time
Side Step
Back Step
To Halt
To March By The Flank
To March To The Rear
Change Step
Manual Of Arms
To Dismiss The Squad
Close Order Drills
To Form The Squad
The Oblique March
To Follow The Corporal
To Deploy As Skirmishers
To Increase Or Diminish Intervals
The Assembly
Loadings And Firings
To Load
Stack And Take Arms
School Of The Company
Close Order
To Form The Company
1st Movement On The Fixed Pivot
2d Movement On The Moving Pivot
Fourth Movement Column Right
Fifth Movement On Right (left) Into Line
Sixth Movement Right Front Into Line
Facing Or Marching To The Rear
Route Step And At Ease
Rules For Guides
To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Extended Order Drills
Second Case
Rules For Deployments
The Assembly
Whistle Signals
The Advance
Field Exercises
The Fire Attack
Fire Superiority
Fire Direction
Fire Control
Fire Discipline
The Service Of Security
Attack And Defense
General Principles Of Target Practice
Practise March Or Hike
Marching Rules
Preparing Your Bed
Making Up Your Pack
Care Of The Feet
Camp Sanitation
Esprit De Corps
Officers Reserver Corps
General Information Concerning The Officers' Reserve Corps
The Officers' Reserve Corps In War
The Officers' Reserve Corps In Peace
Reports To Be Made
The Reserve Officers' Training Corps
Senior Division
Junior Division
To Enter The Reserve Officers' Corps
Department Commander's Report
The Land Forces Of The United States
Articles Of War
General Advice
Military Correspondence
Use Of The Combined Arms



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