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Download a copy of the Myths EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Myths EBook

Rip Van Winkle
Catskill Gnomes
The Catskill Witch
The Revenge Of Shandaken
Condemned To The Noose
Big Indian
The Baker's Dozen
The Devil's Dance-chamber
The Culprit Fay
Anthony's Nose
Moodua Creek
A Trapper's Ghastly Vengeance
The Vanderdecken Of Tappan Zee
The Galloping Hessian
Storm Ship Of The Hudson
Why Spuyten Duyvil Is So Named
The Ramapo Salamander
Chief Croton
The Retreat From Mahopac
The Deformed Of Zoar
Kayuta And Waneta
The Drop Star
The Prophet Of Palmyra
A Villain's Cremation
The Monster Mosquitoe
The Green Picture
The Nuns Of Carthage
The Skull In The Wall
The Haunted Mill
Old Indian Face
The Division Of The Saranacs
An Event In Indian Park
The Indian Plume
Birth Of The Water-lily
Rogers's Slide
The Falls At Cohoes
Francis Woolcott's Night-riders
Polly's Lover
Crosby The Patriot Spy
The Lost Grave Of Paine
The Rising Of Gouverneur Morris
Dolph Heyliger
The Knell At The Wedding
Roistering Dirck Van Dara
The Party From Gibbet Island
Miss Britton's Poker
The Devil's Stepping-stones
The Springs Of Blood And Water
The Crumbling Silver
The Cortelyou Elopement
Van Wempel's Goose
The Weary Watcher
The Rival Fiddlers
Mark Of The Spirit Hand
The First Liberal Church
The Phantom Dragoon
Delaware Water Gap
The Phantom Drummer
The Missing Soldier Of Valley Forge
The Last Shot At Germantown
A Blow In The Dark
The Tory's Conversion
Lord Percy's Dream
Saved By The Bible
Parricide Of The Wissahickon
The Blacksmith At Brandywine
Father And Son
The Envy Of Manitou
The Last Revel In Printz Hall
The Two Rings
Flame Scalps Of The Chartiers
The Consecration Of Washington
The Snoring Of Swunksus
The Lewiston Hermit
The Dead Ship Of Harpswell
The Schoolmaster Had Not Reached Orrington
Jack Welch's Death Light
Mogg Megone
The Lady Ursula
Father Moody's Black Veil
The Home Of Thunder
The Partridge Witch
The Marriage Of Mount Katahdin
The Moose Of Mount Kineo
The Owl Tree
A Chestnut Log
The Watcher On White Island
Passaconaway's Ride To Heaven
The Ball Game By The Saco
The White Mountains
The Vision On Mount Adams
The Great Carbuncle



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