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Download New England Trees EBook

Download a copy of the New England Trees EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

New England Trees EBook

Pinoideae Pine Family Conifers
Tamarack Hacmatack Larch Juniper
White Pine
Pitch Pine Hard Pine
Scrub Pine Gray Pine Spruce Pine Jack Pine
Red Pine Norway Pine
Scotch Pine
Black Spruce Swamp Spruce Double Spruce Water Spruce
Red Spruce
White Spruce Cat Spruce Skunk Spruce Labrador Spruce
Fir Balsam Balsam Fir
Arbor-vitae White Cedar Cedar
White Cedar Cedar
Red Cedar Cedar Savin
Salicaceae Willow Family
Poplar Aspen
Poplar Large-toothed Aspen
Poplar Swamp Poplar Cottonwood
Cottonwood Poplar
Balsam Poplar Balm Of Gilead
Balm Of Gilead
Abele White Poplar Silver-leaf Poplar
Pussy Willow Glaucous Willow
Black Willow
Crack Willow Brittle Willow
White Willow
Juglandaceae Walnut Family
Butternut Oilnut Lemon Walnut
Black Walnut
Mockernut White-heart Hickory Walnut
Pignut White Hickory
Bitternut Swamp Hickory
Betulaceae Birch Family
Hop Hornbeam Ironwood Leverwood
Hornbeam Blue Beech Ironwood Water Beech
Black Birch Cherry Birch Sweet Birch
Red Birch River Birch
White Birch Gray Birch Oldfield Birch Poplar Birch Poverty Birch Small White Birch
Canoe Birch White Birch Paper Birch
European Alder
Fagaceae Beech Family
Black Oaks
White Oak
Bur Oak Over-cup Oak Mossy-cup Oak
Swamp White Oak
Chestnut Oak Rock Chestnut Oak
Chestnut Oak
Scrub White Oak Scrub Chestnut Oak
Red Oak
Scarlet Oak
Black Oak Yellow Oak
Pin Oak Swamp Oak Water Oak
Scrub Oak Bear Oak
Ulmaceae Elm Family
Elm American Elm White Elm
Slippery Elm Red Elm
Cork Elm Rock Elm
Hackberry Nettle Tree Hoop Ash Sugar Berry
Magnoliaceae Magnolia Family
Sweet Gum
Buttonwood Sycamore Buttonball Plane Tree
Pomaceae Apple Family
Mountain Ash
Mountain Ash
Pear Tree
Apple Tree
Shadbush June-berry
Cockspur Thorn
Drupaceae Plum Family
Red Cherry Pin Cherry Pigeon Cherry Bird Cherry
Rum Cherry Black Cherry
Mazard Cherry
Leguminosae Pulse Family
Honey Locust Three-thorned Acacia
Clammy Locust
Simarubaceae Ailanthus Family
Ailanthus Tree-of-heaven Chinese Sumac
Anacardiaceae Sumac Family
Staghorn Sumac
Dogwood Poison Sumac Poison Elder
Aquifoliaceae Holly Family
Holly American Holly
Red Maple Swamp Maple Soft Maple White Maple
Silver Maple Soft Maple White Maple River Maple
Black Maple
Mountain Maple



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