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Opera History EBook

The Origin Of The Opera In Italy And Its Introduction Into Germany
Introduction Of The Opera Into France And England
On The Nature Of The Opera And Its Merits As Compared With Other Forms Of The Drama
Introduction And Progress Of The Ballet
Introduction Of Italian Opera Into England
The Italian Opera Under Handel
General View Of The Opera In Europe In The Eighteenth Century Until The Appearance Of Gluck
French Opera From Lulli To The Death Of Rameau
Rousseau As A Critic And As A Composer Of Music
Gluck And Piccinni In Paris
The Opera In England At The End Of The Eighteenth And Beginning Of The Nineteenth Century
Opera In France After The Departure Of Gluck
The French Opera Before And After The Revolution
Opera In Italy Germany And Russia During And In Connection With The Republican And Napoleonic Wars
Manners And Customs At The London Opera Half A Century Since
Rossini And His Period
Opera In France Under The Consulate Empire And Restoration
Donizetti And Bellini
Rossini Spohr Beethoven Weber And Hoffmann



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