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Plumbing EBook

Plumbing Fixtures And Trade
The Use And Care Of The Soldering Iron Fluxes Making Different Soldering Joints
Mixtures Of Solders For Soldering Iron And Wiping Care Of Solders Melting Points Of Metals And Alloys
Making And Care Of Wiping Cloths
Preparing And Wiping Joints
More Preparing And Wiping Joints
Laying Terra-cotta And Making Connections To Public Sewers. Water Connections
Installing Of French Or Sub-soil Drains
Storm And Sanitary Drainage With Sewage Disposal
Soil And Waste Pipes And Vents Tests
House Traps Fresh-air Connections Drum Traps and Non-syphoning Traps
Pipe Threading
Cold-water Supply Test
Hot-water Heaters Instantaneous Coil And Storage Tanks.
Insulation Of Piping To Eliminate Conduction Radiation Freezing And Noise
Durham Or Screw Pipe Work Pipe And Fittings
Gas Fitting Pipe And Fittings Threading Measuring And Testing
Plumbing Codes


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