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Download a copy of the Prayers Answered EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Prayers Answered EBook

The Prayer Of Faith.
Almost A Bankrupt.
Life Brought Back Again In The Midst Of Death.
Saved From The Hands Of A Desperado.
The Prayer Of A Missionary In Mexico Answered - Saved From Banditti.
An Infidel's Life Spared A Few Days.
Remarkable Preservation From Brain Difficulties.
Little George's Prayer.
A Prayer For A Horse.
A Prayer For A Wife.
Church Troubles Quelled.
A Minister's Supplies Fall Short.
A Prayer For A Servant.
That $18.75.
God Sent The Bag Of Flour.
Incidents From The Experience Of A City Missionary.--a Prayer For Supper Answered.
Relief From A Creditor's Demands.
Two Hundred Dollars Needed And Given At The Last Moment.
How The Lord Repaid A Generous Gift.
The Astonished Giver.
All Saved.
"the Lord Woke Me Up In Time To Save My Clothes."
The Lord Takes Away The Custom Of A Liquor Saloon.
Help In Time Of Need.
Cast Out Into The Street, Yet Not Forsaken.
A Persecutor Punished By The Lord.
How God Answered My Prayer For $90.
From Wealth, To Poverty.
A Prayer For Fifty Dollars.
Concurrent Testimony Of The Value Of Prayer.
A Worldly Man Surrenders.
A Servant's Prayer For A Good Home.
Before They Call I Will Answer.
A Family Pray For A Good Servant.
A Recovery From A Death-bed.
A Poor Student Prays For Money.
"i Can't Stop To Pray."
Remarkable Healing Of A Child.
God Paid The Rent - Answer To Prayer.
He Forgetteth Not The Cry Of The Humble.
Incidents In The Life Of An Invalid - How God Cares And Comforts In Small Things.
Giving Her Last Money To The Lord.
Money Wanted To Pay Railroad Fare.
Prayer Saves The Life Of A Little Child.
The Lost Thimble.
A Prayer For $25.
Praying For Others.
A Visit To Friends.
Praying For A New Hat.
Praying For A Sewing Machine.
Money For Postage.
Praying For A Bible.
A Spring Mattress.
The Healing Of Mary Theobald.
How Prayer Helped Him To Keep The Pledge.
One Who Refused The Holy Spirit.
The Praying Shoe-maker.
How The Lord Controls Even The Locomotive And The Railroad Train.
Another Instance Of Superhuman Control Of The Locomotive, In Answer To
Another Wonderful Record Of $25.
Mr. Spurgeon's Cow.
Charles Spurgeon."
"trust In The Lord."
Exactly Eighty Dollars.--"they Are Safe That Trust In Thee."
A Prayer For Four Dollars.
"aunt Sally's" Faith.
God Careth For You.
A Prayer Not Answered.
Trust In The Lord.
The Necessity Of Asking God's Blessing Every Day, Upon Your Daily Work.
Prayer Found The Remedy For The Disease.
Prayer Instantaneously Answered For Conversion.
Help For The Shipwrecked.
Samuel Harris's Lawsuit, And How The Lord Settled It For Him.
A Wagon-load Of Food.
"god's Raven."
How The Stolen Sleigh Was Returned By A Thief.
"none Of The Lord's Children Left Desolate."
The New Coat That Fitted Exactly.
Praying To Stop The Wind And The Sailing Of A Vessel.
Insanity Cured And Suicide Prevented.
Answers To Prayer.
Bishop Simpson's Recovery.
The Seven Letters.
The Lord Did Not Forget The Potatoes.
The Prayer In The Woods.
The Lord Can Do It.
Answer To Prayer In All The Little Temporal Anxieties Of Life
Bread To The Hungry.
No "ifs."
The Horse Is His.
All Our Needs.
He Healeth The Sick.
A Powerful Dream.
Ask And Ye Shall Receive.
Casting All Your Care On Him.
In Everything Make Known Your Wants.



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