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Download a copy of the Recipes EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Recipes EBook

Onion Soup
Palestine Soup
Black Bean Soup
Parker House Tomato Soup
Celery Soup
Bisque of Prawns or Shrimps
Lobster Soup
Venison Soup
Puree of Venison
Clear Soup Stock
Daniel Webster's Chowder
Scott's Chowder
Marblehead Chowder
Clam Chowder I
Clam Chowder II
Force Meat Balls for Chowder
Oysters a la Marechale
Toasted Angels
Oyster PatÚs
Scalloped Clams
Shrimp or Oyster Curry
Shrimps a la Bordelaise
Shrimps with Tomato
Saute of Shrimps
Crab a la Creole
Sole a la Normandie
Filet of Sole a la Bohemian
Baked Sole
Flounders a la Magouze
Salmon a la Melville
Stewed Haddock
Bacalas a la Viscaina
Baked Sardines
Sardines with Cheese
Scalloped Fish Roe
Sweetbreads with Mushrooms
Frogs a la Poulette
Calves' Head en Tortue
Chops a la Reine
Calves' Feet a la Marechale
Puree of Chestnuts with Chops
Lamb Chops a la Nesselrode
Devil Chops
Lamb Cutlets Duchesse
Lamb Cutlets a la Condi
Eggs with Tomatoes
Macaroni a la Rossini
Chicken Portuguese
Chicken with Oysters
Fried Chicken, Maryland Style
Chicken with Rice
Chicken with Spaghetti
Quail with Celery
Pheasant a la Savarin
Quail and Onion
Salmi of Duck with Olives
Stewed Squabs
Yorkshire Steaks
Filet of Beef a la Rossini
Yorkshire Pudding
Cold Roast Beef Stewed
Stewed Cold Mutton or Beef
Lamb with Macaroni
Stewed Fresh Tongue
Pork Pie
To Boil a Ham
Mexican Tripe
Spanish Bacon on Toast
Sauce for Canvas-back Duck
Sauce for Wild Fowl
Hollandaise Sauce
Parsley Butter
Green Sauce
Egg Sauce
Celery Sauce
Devil for Boiled Ham or Fowl
Onion Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Melted Butter
Salad Dressing Without Oil
Asparagus aux Milanaise
Corn au Gratin
Chonfleur au Gratin
Potato Cream
Sweet Potatoes
Chili Beans
To Boil Rice
Club Salad
Winter Salad
Mince Meat
Hot Zabajone
Frozen Zabajone


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