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Download a copy of the Romance Stories EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Romance Stories EBook

How William Of Palermo Was Carried Off By The Werwolf
How William Of Palermo Was Carried Off By The Werwolf
The Disenchantment Of The Werwolf
The Slaying Of Hallgerda's Husbands
The Death Of Gunnar
Njal's Burning
The Lady Of Solace
Una And The Lion
How The Red Cross Knight Slew The Dragon
Amys And Amyle
The Tale Of The Cid
The Knight Of The Sorrowful Countenance
The Adventure Of The Two Armies Who Turned Out To Be Flocks Of Sheep
The Adventure Of The Bobbing Lights
The Helmet Of Mambrino
How Don Quixote Was Enchanted While Guarding The Castle
Don Quixote's Home-coming
The Meeting Of Huon And Oberon King Of The Fairies
How Oberon Saved Huon
Havelok And Goldborough
Cupid And Psyche
Sir Bevis The Strong
Ogier The Dane
How The Ass Became A Man Again
How Bradamante Conquered The Wizard
The Ring Of Bradamante
The Fulfilling Of The Prophecy
The Knight Of The Sun
How The Knight Of The Sun Rescued His Father



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