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Download Rural Architecture EBook

Download a copy of the Rural Architecture EBook. This book contains the following chapters:

Rural Architecture EBook

General Suggestions
Style Of Building—miscellaneous
Home Embellishments
Material For Farm Buildings
Outside Color
A Short Chapter On Taste
The Construction Of Cellars
Ventilation Of Houses
Interior Accommodation Of Houses
Chimney Tops
Preliminary To Our Designs
Farm House
Farm House 1 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 1 Chamber Plan
Farm House 1 Miscellaneous
Farm House Design Ii
Farm House 2 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 2 Miscellaneous Details
Farm House Design Iii
Farm House 3 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 3 Miscellaneous
Farm House Design Iv
Farm House 4 Interior Arrangement
Farm House 4 Chamber Plan
Farm House 4 Surrounding Plantations Shrubbery Walks Etc
Farm House 4 Tree-planting In The Highway
Farm House Design V
Farm House 5 Ground Plan
Farm House 5 Chamber Plan
Farm House 5 Construction
Farm House 5 Grounds Plantations And Surroundings
Farm House Design Vi
Farm House 6 Ground Plan
Farm House 6 Chamber Plan
Farm House Design Vii
Farm House 7 Ground Plan Interior Arrangement
Farm House 7 Chamber Plan
Farm House 7 Miscellaneous
Farm House 7 Lawns Grounds Parks And Woods
Farm House 7 Fruit Garden—orchards
Farm House 7 How To Lay Out A Kitchen Garden
Farm House 7 Flowers
Farm House 7 Farm Cottages
Elevation Cottage Design I
Cottage 1 Interior Arrangement
Cottage Design Ii
Cottage 2 Interior Arrangement
Cottage Design Iii
Cottage 3 Interior Arrangement
Cottage Design Iv
Cottage 4 Interior Arrangement
Cottage 3 Cottage Outside Decoration
Cottage 3 House And Cottage Furniture
An Apiary Or Bee-house
Ash House And Smoke House
Poultry Lawn
The Dovecote
Farm Barns
Farm Barn Design I
Farm Barn Interior Arrangement
Farm Barn Main Floor Plan
Farm Barn Under-ground Plan And Yard
Farm Barn Design Ii
Farm Barn 2 Floor Plan
Farm Barn 2 Barn Attachments
Farm Barn 2 Rabbits
Rabbitry Loft
Cheese Dairy House
Cheese Dairy House Ground Plan
The Butter Dairy
Improved Domestic Animals
Shorthorn Bull
Devon Bull
Southdown Ewe
Long-wooled Ewe
A Common Sheep
China Goose
A Word About Dogs
The Smooth Terrier
The Shepherd Dog



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