On 16th November, 1870, Mr. Shchapoff, a Russian squire, the narrator, came home from a visit to a country town, Iletski, and found his family in some disarray. There lived with him his mother and his wife's mother, ladies of about sixty-nine,... Read more of The Dancing Devil at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Science Fiction EBook

Of The Nature Of Flatland
Of The Climate And Houses In Flatland
Concerning The Inhabitants Of Flatland
Concerning The Women
Of Our Methods Of Recognizing One Another
Of Recognition By Sight
Concerning Irregular Figures
Of The Ancient Practice Of Painting
Of The Universal Colour Bill
Of The Suppression Of The Chromatic Sedition
Concerning Our Priests
Of The Doctrine Of Our Priests
How I Had A Vision Of Lineland
How I Vainly Tried To Explain The Nature Of Flatland
Concerning A Stranger From Spaceland
How The Stranger Vainly Endeavoured To Reveal To Me In Words The Mysteries Of Spaceland
How The Sphere Having In Vain Tried Words Resorted To Deeds
How I Came To Spaceland And What I Saw There
How Though The Sphere Shewed Me Other Mysteries Of Spaceland I Still Desire More And What Came Of It
How The Sphere Encouraged Me In A Vision
How I Tried To Teach The Theory Of Three Dimensions To My Grandson And With What Success
How I Then Tried To Diffuse The Theory Of Three Dimensions By Other Means And Of The Result
The British Barbarians
News Of A Treasure Wreck
Finishing The Submarine
Mr Berg Is Astonished
Tom Is Imprisoned
Mr Berg Is Suspicious
Turning The Tables
Mr Damon Will Go
Another Treasure Expedition
Captain Weston's Advent
Trial Of The Submarine
On The Ocean Bed
For A Breath Of Air
Off For The Treasure
In The Diving Suits
At The Tropical Island
We'll Race You For It
The Race
The Electric Gun
Doomed To Death
Lease To Doomsday
President Bearwarden's Speech
Prof Cortlandt's Historical Sketch Of The World In A D 2000
Dr Cortlandt's History Continued
Far-reaching Plans
Hard At Work
The Last Of The Earth
Space And Mars
Heavenly Bodies
Preparing To Alight
Exploration And Excitement
Mastodon And Will-o'-the Wisps
An Unseen Hunter
Sportsmen's Reveries
The Honey Of Death
Changing Landscapes
A Jovian Niagara
Hills And Valleys
North-polar Discoveries
The Scene Shifts
The Spirit's First Visit
Doubts And Philosophy
A Providential Intervention
Ayrault's Vision
A Great Void And A Great Longing
The Spirit's Second Visit
Cassandra And Cosmology
Doctor Cortlandt Sees His Grave
Dreamland To Shadowland
The Priest's Sermon
Hic Ille Jacet
Control Group
Accidental Death
The Advent
The Encounter
The Victory
The Motive
Notes For A Biography Of Ginger Stott
The Disillusionment Of Ginger Stott
The Manner Of His Birth
His Departure From Stoke-underhill
His Father's Desertion
His Debt To Henry Challis
His First Visit To Challis Court
His Passage Through The Prison Of Knowledge
His Pastors And Masters
His Examination
His Interview With Herr Grossmann
How I Went To Pym To Write A Book



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